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Winning bets with Invictus


Tired of not winning bets? We have the right solution for you.

What you need is INVICTUS , a sports betting algorithm that calculates the results of sports matches.

It is not really an application, but rather a portal dedicated to bettors, professionals, and amateurs. It’s a website that can adapt to any device, tablet, smartphone, PC, and laptop. Invictus is also compatible with any operating system – Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Thanks to INVICTUS you can always keep track of your bets, know the best odds on the market, and receive intelligence based off data analysis provided by the activities of over 100,000 bettors around the world.


INVICTUS will calculate a schedule tailored specifically to you. You can determine a budget, and decide how to allocate your bets. These bets can also be placed on any bookmaker, without any constraints. It’s the perfect formula to provide winning bets for both low and high risk odd ranges.

In addition, by subscribing to the app you will have access to your personal past betting performance. A digital archive of your bets is kept so you can check your performance over time. You can also see the statistics of any team or sport in over 88 countries. We also have a Money Management service, which is a concrete solution to the mismanagement of your bankroll.

The app is very intuitive and easy to use.

Let’s take a look at a few details about how it works, and the most useful aspects to consult before placing a bet.

The main features of the app are the following:

Multiple – unlimited

Freedom to add events to your ticket without limits

Performance and Historical Bet Records

Memory of all the bets taken over time, and your profit

Risk Indicators

Real-time advice on the risk rate of the bets created

Line Shopping in real time

Highest value odds based on your bankroll, that are currently offered on the market.

Access to Top Tipster Predictions

View the predictions of Top Bettors all Over the World

Quota comparator in real time

Best quotas offered on the market at the time the card is created

Professional statistics tool

Access to the past performance analysis platform of all teams

Unbeatable stream of forecasts

Full access to the Bet Stream and the most reliable games

Episodes and Budget without restrictions

Freedom to choose the amount to bet according to your preferred risk.


After signing up and completing your profile, you will log in to your personal Dashboard, the center point of the entire application.

The section will allow you to access all the services offered by INVICTUS .

From the Dahboard you can also consult the two graphs that record the trends of your sports investments.

In the general graph the evolution of all your predictions will be recorded from the day of registration. They will also be updated in real time, and will show you the progress of your play on a Cartesian diagram.

The monthly chart will record your performances in the individual months, and also shows you a preview of the coupons suggested in that given period.

History cards

This section of the application is a digital archive of all your cards. On every bet you will find the winnings, the odds played, the stake, and if you lost or won.

In addition you will be able to know in detail the evolution of your capital, and the ROI compared to the investments made.

INVICTUS records in a detailed monthly history starting from your initial budget, which shows you play after play, and your intermediate and final balance available to you.

Download the Invictus app to stay up to date on all the tips, results and negotiations of thousands of teams, leagues and sports. Click on the Apple Store if you have an iPad or iPhone, or click on Google Play if you have an Android tablet or smartphone. invictus app store appleinvictus google play android


In this section of the application you will be able to know in detail the performances of the teams of all the sports played in over 88 countries in the world.

Among the sports that you can consult to improve the progress of your forecasts remember:

5-a-side Football 
Beach Volleyball 
Water Polo Field 

For each discipline listed you can select a competition and compare the teams and individual players. You can also see the status of the players, and analyze the results from past meetings of the two teams .

INVICTUS is the first application for sports predictions that, in addition to suggesting the cards to play, gives you all the tools you need to learn how to predict like a real champion.

It also does not provide any special software, only a good internet connection and a device to browse online is required.

Try INVICTUS for free and improve your profits with our progression betting systems!


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