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US Open tennis betting


Every September, the final Grand Slam tournament, known as the US Open, is played in New York. The world’s best tennis players come together and compete for the chance to raise the US Open cup. The Grand Slam provides enthusiastic sports bettors the opportunity to wager on tennis, played at it’s highest level. This guide will inform you on tournament format, available betting markets, essential US Open betting strategies, and much more.

Betting on the US Open

The US Open, along with many other tennis tournaments that make up the ATP and WTA seasons, is played on hard courts. Many players are already accustomed to this surface. The best player, in both the men and women division, will most likely triumph when they make it to New York.

us open

It is important for Americans to make sure that any sporting event that takes place in the States is bigger, bolder, and brasher than the last. Much like years before, this particular Grand Slam event will be no different. This August, The US Open will be held in the town of Southampton on Long Island, New York. The US Open is two weeks of intense entertainment, displaying the biggest names in tennis. It provides sports bettors an opportunity to witness great tennis. Some of these sports bettors might even include Hollywood stars, sports celebrities, or even the occasional politician.

US Open 2018 Dates

The 2018 US Open will be played from August 27th to September 9th.

Tournament format and seeding

The US Open is played during the American summer, primarily late August into early September. The exact dates of the tournament are subject to change. They will most likely start on the last Monday of August.

Much like the additional three tournaments that make up the Grand Slam, the US Open consists of 128 players for both the men’s and women’s singles competitions. Unlike Wimbledon though, the US Open does not rely on a seeding committee. Instead strictly follows a players’ world rank which, is provided by the ATP and WTA. The Top 32 players in each division are seeded.

When analyzing any sport, one would find that the object of seeding is to keep the best teams/players involved in the tournament for as long as possible. Tennis is no different. If the top eight players are not upset by a lower seed, they will not face each other until the quarterfinals. If this pattern continues, the top four players won’t meet until the semifinals. The top two players in the world will not play each other until the championship. Before 2001, only 16 players were seeded, but this number has since been increased to 32.

Doubles, mixed and junior Events

Although many sports bettors focus on the singles competitions, there are many of different bets that can be made. In addition to men’s/women’s singles competitions, a sports bettor can also wager on mixed doubles along with other junior events.

Some of the US Open Junior Champions who have gone on to raise the men’s singles trophy include Stefan Edberg, Andy Roddick, and Andy Murray. Additionally. The US Open Juniors have shown a few rising prospects including Borna Coric and US stars Jack Sock and Taylor Fritz. Champions of the girl’s competition include Grand Slam winners Jennifer Capriati, Lindsay Davenport, Morion Bartoli, Victoria Azarenka, and Heather Watson.

There are also “Legends” events for players over their 40s. They consist of recent star names from divisions including both men’s and women’s wheelchair tennis, singles, and doubles competitions.

US Open upsets

Despite the best efforts on tournament organizers, it is nearly impossible to correctly rank each player. Therefore, there are many “casualties” in the first week of the US Open, resulting in lucrative opportunities for sports bettors. This can make US Open betting very difficult though.

For example, in 2015, just nine of the top sixteen ranked players made it into the final sixteen. Additionally, only three of the world’s top eight reached the quarterfinals. Of them, only two of the world’s top four made it into the semifinals. Eventually, we saw the world’s top ranked player, Novak Djokovic, play the world’s second ranked player, Roger Federer. It was not till the end that we saw Djokovic triumph and take the trophy.

Kei Nishikori, a fourth seed from Japan, was defeated in the first round, while a top ten trio, David Ferrer, Rafael Nadal, and Milos Raonic were all taken out by the third round. Andy Murray, a third seed from Great Britain, was eliminated during the fourth round. Upsets are inevitable in tennis. The bigger the upset though, the bigger payout for sports bettors. In order to foresee a possible upset, it’s best to have solid knowledge of the sport. It is also important to know how the season has played out. Other things like knowing top player’s favorite court surface can also give you an edge.

Odds explained

In order to be a profitable sports bettor, it is essential that you understand what betting odds. Betting odds reflect the probability of a particular outcome occurring. This probability is referred to as a “implied probability”. For example, if you read that Rafael Nadal is at odds of 1.75 for winning a match, sports bettors are informed that experts think Rafael Nadal will have about a 57% chance of winning that match.

It is essential that sports bettors understand betting odds when betting on the US Open.

US Open value bets

In order to be a successful sports bettor, you must genuinely believe that your bet has good betting value. Betting value is when you consider the chances of an event happening are greater than that of the bookmaker’s odds.

Let’s pull from our example above. Let’s assume Rafael Nadal remains with odds at 1.75 or roughly 57%. If a sports bettor believes the odds of Rafael Nadal are higher than those given, then we are presented with a value betting opportunity. This is a value bet due to the simple reason that our personally assessed probability is greater than the given odds.

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US Open betting explained

There are many reasons why sports bettors have flocked to US Open betting in recent history. Primarily, it is because of the multitude of straightforward, easy to understand betting options, provided throughout individual matches. For example, a sports bettor can choose whether to pick a game score at the end of Set 1, whether there was a tie breaker at the end of Set 3, or many other different types of betting.

US Open outright bets

When making outright bets, sports bettors are wagering on who they believe will win the tournament. There are many different outright bet options, but the most popular include the men’s and women’s singles tournament, the men’s and women’s doubles tournament, and the mixed doubles tournament. Outright betting is also available for boy’s and girl’s junior tournaments.

Before the US Open begins, another competition is played known as the “US Open Series”. This competition is made up of a series of hard court tournaments played in North America. Sports bettors are given an opportunity to watch who is or isn’t playing well. In the past, the winner of the US Open has won at least one US Open Series tournament before they move on to win the US Open.

Match betting

Sports bettors most commonly use match betting as their choice of wager. Match betting is when you pick one player to defeat another in a match.

Tennis tournaments offer many opportunities for match betting, but events like the US Open offer even more chances to win. Because there are 32 players seeded in the men’s and women’s divisions, many players will be knocked out in the first few days. Because of this, sports bettors should determine whether they should back the favorite, or look for an upset.

Handicap betting

If a sports bettor wants to back the favorite in a match, but still wants good return on their bet, handicap betting is very useful. During the first few days of the US Open, many highly ranked players will compete against unworthy opponents. Because of this, it would be unlikely that strong players like Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal will give up many games.

Because of this, sports bettors can use handicap betting to wager on games lost. For example, if Rafael Nadal lost only 5 games in his match, a sports bettor could place a wager that Nadal would lose no more than 5 games during the match. This would translate to -5, meaning Nadal would lose five games or less. Sports bettors can also place wagers on opponents.

Set betting

Another option sports bettors can use when placing wagers is set betting. Sports bettors would use this tactic when the return on the regular bet is little to none. When placing a set bet, sports bettors are simply predicting how many sets were won or lost by a player during the match. For early rounds in the US Open for example, a sports bettor would most likely back the dominate player to win in straight sets. This would be 3-0 in men’s tournaments or 2-0 in women’s tournaments. By placing set bets, you are significantly increasing the value of the bet, even if a sports bettor is backing a clear favorite in an early round.

Correct score

A correct score bet is when a sports bettor places a wager on the exact outcome of a particular set in terms of games won, regardless of who wins. Correct score bets are most useful when two players have a history of playing each other and a sports bettor can attempt to find a pattern in their sets.

US Open betting strategies

When placing a wager on a tennis match, it is important to have strategy in place. For tennis, there are a multitude of stats and facts that sports bettors have access to. They can be found on the ATP and WTA websites, and other sites like ESPN.

Past record at the US Open

It is argued that the US Open is the toughest of the grand slams to win. Even some of the greatest players of our time find it difficult to win, and even takes multiple attempts before they are able to lift the trophy.

It is very important to do research, even on players favored to win the tournament. Have they won the US Open in the past? Many of these great players make it to the finals or semifinals, but are unable to close.

Performance in the US Series?

The US Series is made up of many ATP and WTA hard court tournaments played two weeks prior to the US Open. These tournaments, played in the United States, also include the Masters Series, which are played in Toronto/Montreal and Cincinnati. These series tournaments are open to both men’s and women’s divisions. Sports bettors often watch these series tournaments to gain insight to how these athletes will play in the next few weeks. It is vital to remember though, doing well in the US Series does not guarantee strong competition in the US Open.

Hard court value bets

Traditionally, players who perform well on clay courts were unable to carry those skills over to US hard courts. That is less the case today as many tennis players’ diversify their play styles. Players might feel more comfortable playing on courts they grew up with, but can play just as well on other types.

Sports bettors must keep in mind that court surfaces still play a major role in a players’ performance. A player, highly ranked because of his victories on hard courts, could have a very difficult time playing a younger, lower ranked player who has nothing to lose.

Check Head-to-Head matchups

Sports bettors should get in the habit of checking the head-to-head matchup reports. In order to do this, visit the ATP site for men’s tournaments and WTA site for women’s tournaments.

If the two players have met before, you will be provided with their past results including score lines and stats from their former matches. Through this head-to-head matchup setting, you are also given information on where each match took place and the surface it was played on.

If sports bettors are met with a long rivalry between two competitors, you are still able to figure out which player did better on the appropriate surface. If you took Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal for example, you would see that Nadal has a higher win ratio on clay, while Djokovic tends to play better on hard courts.

Tennis betting markets

If you are betting on the US Open, sign up with a bookmaker that provides information about betting markets. These markets diversify in what bets they offer. If a sports bettor is looking for a unique market, they might have to look into different bookmakers to help achieve this goal.

Quality Of odds

When making your decision on which bookmaker to go into business with, it is important to see that he is supplying you with great US Open betting markets. As you already know, the odds from the US Open wager will ultimately go to the sports bettor when placing a successful bet.

In-Play betting

When it comes to placing wagers in tennis, in-play betting is one of the most popular ways. In-play betting allows a sports bettor to place wages on the outcome of each game. With so many chances to win, in-play betting becomes more appealing to the sports bettors everywhere.

US Open bonus offers

Tennis makes up most of the European annual turnover in Europe. Many tournaments, including the master’s series, the ATP tournaments, and the grand slam. Though Wimbledon is the most popular grand slam tournament so far, the US Open is not far behind.

Many bookmakers will provide incentives to gamble on their sites. These promotions should be taken advantage of whenever possible. By doing so, you are merely increasing your return for relatively nothing.

US Open live streaming

There are many different television programs that cover the US Open including Sky Sport and SuperTennis. Sports bettors can stream the game from their laptops or smart TV’s, providing them with 24/7 access.

By using US Open live-streaming, you are able to take the game “on the road” and watch highly skilled players and great commentators.

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