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UEFA European Championship predictions


Waiting for Euro 2020, we can only enjoy the qualifications at the European Football Championship. In this article we will advise you on how to best bet on this competition and which are the favorite teams. Find out the European Championship predictions and go win your bets thanks to the scientific predictions of Invictus.

UEFA European Championship predictions

After the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA European Championship is one of the biggest football fixtures for the football community. Commonly dubbed, the Euros, this competition is held between the top European men’s football teams. The winner will become the champion of Europe. The tournament began in 1960 and is held every four years, in between the World Cup tournament, meaning that the next one is due to take place in 2020.

european championship predictions

When it comes to qualifying, host nations normally have it easy as they automatically qualify for the event they are hosting. All other teams have to go through the qualifying rounds in order to claim their place in the Championship. For the 2020 Euros, this has changed, as, across Europe, 12 countries will host finals matches. So all 55 teams that are eligible to qualify will have to compete for the 24 finals spots on offer.

European Championship predictions, big winners

To date, only 10 countries have won the Championship title, with Portugal being the latest to seize this crown in the 2016 tournament. With there having been just 15 Championship events so far, no team has managed to qualify every time, although Germany tops the board with 12 successful attempts. This is also reflected in their success rate once in the tournament itself. Germany has reached the final six times.

The Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, England, Italy, Spain and Russia have also had pretty success in qualifying for the Euros, with successful qualifications ranging from 9 to 11. Some teams have seen great success in this area yet never actually managed to win the title – England being the most notable of these. We’re sure that England plans to turn this around soon, maybe in the upcoming event held next year.

Top winners

If we’re going to start making predictions this early, it’s a good idea to check out who has won the competition most consistently. In this case, Germany and Spain take the top spot having each won it three times. Whilst Germany holds a better overall record in terms of finals reached, Spain still holds the top spot on the table with more points over time. Both will always be favourites going forward.

France takes second place with two wins whilst Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Portugal and Russia, have all won the competition once. On a good day, any of these teams could perform well, but, as we all know, things never quite go as planned. With Portugal heading into the competition off the back of their latest win, they could be in prime position to capture a consecutive victory, something only Spain has achieved so far.

Scraping by

There are a large number of teams that, despite trying hard each time, have only successfully managed to qualify once. These include Wales, Albania, Latvia, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Slovenia, Norway and Slovakia. In our books, they still don’t have much of an impact on the competition, and it would be a big surprise to see any as a contender for the 2020 European Championship title.

We should point out that the one time one of these teams (Wales) successfully qualified, they did make it all the way to the final four. So maybe we shouldn’t write them off from the outset. We all love a good underdog, so if any of these teams qualify this year, they may well be in with a chance, albeit a bit of a long shot. But it’s worth keeping them in mind, just in case.

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What about England?

England appears to miss out the most in this event despite having an all-around great football team and performing well in the FIFA World Cup, winning it once and making the finals numerous times. England has succeeded in reaching the finals for the European Championship on multiple occasions, but have not yet been able to claim that much-needed win. Who knows, maybe 2020 will be the year when they can pull it off.

European Championship predictions, Conclusion

With the qualifiers for the 2020 Championship coming up, it is all to play for. Each of the different leagues has their own methods of finalising the teams to go forward, so at this stage, without even knowing which teams will actually be in the event, it’s hard to give any accurate predictions. Keep an eye on the way the teams play in the qualifiers, and we can move on from there.

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