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Transfer Betting


Transfer Betting

A football transfer is simply the ownership of a football player that is transferred from one club to another. There are specific periods referred to as transfer windows in which most football transfers take place, and the trade is always governed around rules involving the league each party currently is involved with. With regard to betting, football bettors can try and predict upcoming transfers by placing a bet on the player and which club he will be transferred to.


Throughout the web there are tons of football related sources where potential bettors can keep track of rumors involving possible transfers for different players and clubs. One of the main factors in placing a winning bet on a football transfer is being up to date on the latest news, media, and interviews. In fact, practically the only way to even know if a player or manager is about to be transferred is constantly watching and following football rumors and news.

Value of Odds

Like any other bet you place, it is always important to assess the odds you are betting on, the likeliness of the event happening, and of course how much you plan on betting. There are several bookmakers that offer odds on football transfers and comparing the odds across different bookmakers is always a good place to start when seeking the greatest value. Over time you will become more familiar with the process and may have more success with football transfer betting.

One danger we always like to advise on when betting on football transfers is the bettor overextending there bankroll to win a large profit on one extremely risky bet. At the end of the day the odds for player transfer betting resemble the same thing payouts as any other type of football bet. And as long as you have done diligent research and intend on placing sensible bets than this form of betting is a should provide some value for football fans and bettors consistently following news and rumors.


Neymar – Barcelona to PSG

Before the transfer of Neymar from Barcelona to PSG many bookmakers were offering odds on whether he would stay or leave. However anyone following the other transfers would have noted that just before Neymar got traded Barcelona brought in another forward. Bookmakers were offering around 1.15 odds for him to stay with Barcelona as they were desperate to keep the superstar, and approximately 7.50 odds for him to be transferred to Paris. If

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