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The progressive “3” method


Here is the latest gift of the year from your friends at Invictus: today we are introducing the “progressive “3” method”, that will become part of our long list of successful betting systems, our list of advice on how to win betting pools.

Successful betting systems, the Progressive 3 Method

In all of the winning betting systems that we’ve explained, we often talked about “progressions”, which are methods for pooling bets that increase or decrease the bet in case of loss or profit. Following a well defined mathematical principle, it is possible to recover from lost bets and gain a margin.

progressive 3 method

The progression-based methods are among the most used winning betting systems used by professional betters because the profit is almost guaranteed. However, the player might experience a run of losses, and be forced to exponentially double down on his stake, risking bankruptcy. That’s why progressions-based methods are not particularly recommended for amateurs.

The progressive “3” system is rather simple. We recommend applying it to small parlays (two, three or four matches): Connect to the Invictus platform, take a look the matches scheduled for the next championship days, and choose 2 or more events which have a total odd around 3,00. It is recommendable for this system to choose and even number for your stake (for example 2, 4, 6, 10, 20 and so on). The progression proceeds as in the following example:

  1. First, bet 10€ on the parlay with total odd around 3,00. In case of loss go on with the following step.
  2. Second, we play another parlay with a similar odd to the prior and we increase the stake by 50%. Thus, in our example, the stake will be 15€ with an odd around 3,00.

The progressive “3” method goes on as such, progressively increasing by 50% until a parlay is ultimately won, which takes the player back to step 1. Let’s see a numerical example:

Step Odd Stake Result Net Profit Loss Balance


3,10 10 € Lost -10 €

-10,00 €


3,40 15 € Won +36,00 €

+26,00 €


2,88 10 € Lost -10 €

+16,00 €


3,80 15 € Lost -15 €

+1,00 €


3,18 23 € Lost -23 €

-22,00 €


2,98 35 € Lost -35 €

-57,00 €


3,30 53 € Won +121,90 €

+64,90 €


3,60 10 € Lost -10 €

+54,90 €


3,18 15 € Lost -15 €

+39,90 €


2,98 23 € Won +45,54 €

+85,44 €

As you can see, even winning only 3 out of the 10 parlays that we bet on following our progressive “3” system, we still earn a huge net profit (precisely 85,44€) and, above all, our account was in the red only twice. Taking into account that we are betting with odds around 3,00, our probability of winning should be higher than 30%.

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Advantages of the progressive 3 method:

  • with 22-25% of parlays won, we get to a balanced budget
  • with 30% or more parlays won, we earn substantial net profits
  • the method is applicable to all sports and championships

In order to have a clear view, advise you to try this system out on our platform, and feel free to send us feedback so we can improve your experience. You can find it in our Bet System, the first technology in Italy capable of generating winning betting progressions.

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