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As we have already stated several times in previous articles, cashing in on sports betting is not just a matter of luck. It’s the product of studying, methods, and application. If you want to become good at sports predictions and understand how to win on bet slips, we recommend that you start focusing on the math. Mathematical calculations and patience are two weapons at your disposal. You can use them to win bets, and guarantee a positive long lasting bankroll.


I’ll explain it to you right now. If you wager on 20 different matches from different leagues, you’re more likely to lose your bet. It’s statistically proven that parlay bets over 3 matches (with more than 5/6 events) turn out to be losers. This is because bookmakers make you believe that some teams are favored over others. In reality there are a number of factors that determine the so-called “surprise of the day” that will compromise your card.


The best way around this is to use math. Choose 4 or 5 games and analyze which ones you should bet on.

The potential winnings will be significantly lower than a bet slip with 20 games, but on the other hand you will have a very high chance to get all the results. With this method, your bankroll will grow slow but continuously. 

Patience then is fundamental

It’s scientifically proven that the majority of people looking for easy ways predict sports almost always end up losing.

Being patient, and betting less money, on less events is the best way to act.

With the passage of time the mechanism will be clearer, and you will be able to maximize your winnings by reducing the risks.

The basic rule to win your bets is: apply a method and use the calculations to win the cards.

Take advantage of math tools, and start making money with better sports predictions .

We have already explained why it is important to be patient and use mathematical calculations.

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To understand how to make a winning bet,  you need to know a bit of probabilistic theory.

In particular, it is necessary to know that the probability of an event (eg the victory of a team in a football match) attributed to the same event by the bookmaker (ie by the betting company) is equal to the reciprocal of the indicated quota.

To see the probability, 1 is divided by the quota (x 100 if we want the percentage%). This will show you the probability of the event attributed by the bookmaker.

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