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Sports betting tips and strategies


Sports betting can be a challenge if you are not familiar with how it functions. Through this article, we will discuss sports betting tips, different strategies,  and more.

Sports Betting Strategies

Pick One Team to Focus On

By researching one team you are able to gain a more in-depth understanding on how a team functions. Focusing on one team means that you only need to focus on the opposition. This is important because decreasing factors in betting will make a beginner look a lot more advanced.

sports betting tips

Place bets using Expected Value

To understand the expected value you need to understand how probability works. In basic terms, the probability is the chance a certain outcome happens. The expected value gives you the projected long-term outcome. Here is an example of it:

The odds of Liverpool winning are 2.50, and they have a 35% chance to win at a 100 euro stake. This means they have a 65% chance to lose, but it also means that you have a chance to win a 150 euro profit. This means:

        1. (35% * 150) – (65% * 100) = 52.5 – 65 = – 12.5

This is a bad bet when considering the long-term profit. It may win occasionally, but it is predicted to lose in the long run.   

Another important sports betting tip is patience

Being patient is important in sports betting. The best sports bettors go on both hot and cold streaks. Many teams will lose even though they were projected to win, and vice versa. Having patience will allow you to focus on the long-term profit which is easier to earn.

Don’t always bet on the favorite

Betting on the favorite, or following the crowd, can lead to losing bets. Betting on the favorite can lead to the odds decreasing. The combination of the possibility of favorites losing and low odds can lead to big losses.

Understand the Timing and Environment of Games

Understanding that any variable that can impact a game is also very important.  For example, in preseason players won’t play at their peak effort or in peak form. This can lead to favorites losing and many other unseen outcomes


Research is very important when betting on teams. By researching you are able to have the most up to date information on how the teams will function. It will give you an advantage over the bookmaker if you know what might happen in a game.

Promotional bets

Many websites offer promotions such as a bonus or free bets. This is important to take advantage of because it could lead to higher profits. Be wary when using these websites though. Many have restrictions on the bet that may cause you to spend more money than you wanted to.

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Here are Some More Sports Betting Tips:

Personal Bias

Be careful that personal bias doesn’t take over when making bets. Everyone has their favorite team and would like for them to win the game and be the champions. It isn’t wise to always bet on your favorites.

Bet objectively

Betting objectively can be a challenge, but it is something that should be sought out. Betting with this thinking process would lead to smarter decisions and a higher chance of winning your bets.

Passionately research

Pay attention to what’s happening in the season. This can be done by keeping up to date on different teams through different sports websites and watching games. This will lead you to gain information on different key aspects of the game. Such as performance levels, potential, style, coaching influence, and more.

Research Good Sources

Researching other sources that provide applicable sports betting tips is important when betting. This can be done by analyzing social media, statistics, online forums, and major sports websites. This will give you a background on the environment on each team and each player.

An example of this is weather statistics. Players efficiency and overall play may decrease when playing in specific weather conditions. An example can be seen by visiting this website.

Look for the best odds

A good way to go about betting is looking for what website/bookmaker offers the best odds. Typically this doesn’t lead to a massive amount of difference in the amount of money, but can save you a bit.

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