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Software Sports Betting


Invictus Sports Betting Algorithm

Launch the algorithm and decide what to bet among hundreds of options available. An unlimited stream of bets. continually updating and suitable for all types of devices. In real time Invictus will show you what more than 100,000 successful tipsters are betting on all around the world. Our algorithm is revolutionary, it can analyse your gambling habits and suggest bets accordingly. All the power of science in your hand to instantly create profitable bets in line with your past tendencies.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage sports betting strategies has one of the highest success rates amongst all other strategies used by punters in this era of online sports betting. This method consists of multiple bets placed simultaneously on all possible outcomes of an event at odds that guarantee profit regardless of the result of the event. These bets are also referred to as surebets, miraclebets, surewins, or simply arbs. Arbitrage betting is a system that allows a customer to place multiple bets on different bookmakers to guarantee a profit whatever the result. This opportunity becomes available when a discrepancy between odds is present that allow a profit to be made by covering all outcomes. Usually this is a binary bet with just two outcomes. An example would be a tennis match, where online two results are possible between player 1 and player 2. “Arbing” opportunities most commonly arise when there is a difference of opinions between bookmakers, a mistake during evaluation, or simply the customer base of particular sportsbooks compared to others. With an emphasis on mathematical procedures determining level of opportunity this is a very unique method and is probably the farthest strategy removed from traditional sports betting. Most bettors who implement this form of gambling admit to having very little interest in the sports they are betting on.


Arbitrage betting is entirely legal but is not kindly regarded by bookmakers. The main reason bookmakers don’t welcome arbers is because if executed properly they end up losing money in the long-term. The issue bookmakers face is properly identifying whether a customer is using arbitrage strategies or not which is more difficult than it sounds. If you use this method don’t be surprised if you account gets restricted or closed without warning as bookmakers will take notice of consistent winners and closely monitor activity and patterns to identify arbitrage bettors. Some bookmakers claim they don’t restrict people who arbitrage bet but for the most part, popular bookmakers restrict anyone trying to expose them in this manner.

Arbitrage Betting Software

Considering the level of mathematical requirements needed to properly place arbitrage bets it is likely that most bettors who do use some type of software for more convenience and accuracy. This allows users to input both sets of odds and the amount they plan on risking while the software will output the preferred stake and the potential profit identifying the best opportunities for success. Most of these software systems expose thousands of markets everyday and rate opportunities to save users the time of trying to find their own.


When pricing a market, bookmakers will almost always factor in an edge where the total odds of all outcomes is more than 100%. Arbitrage systems rely on the combined odds from the difference of opinion between bookmakers, producing a negative margin (less than 100%) putting the edge back in the hands of the customer.