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2018/19 Premier League Betting


2018/19 Premier League Betting Preview

If you are new to betting on European football then you should know that the English Premier League is the highest level of Football in England and is one of the most viewed leagues across the world. This also means that the level of competition is the highest in the world, creating very intense and close matchups each week. The high level of play in this league provides a great market for football bettors and sports fans alike. Our comprehensive guide to betting on The Premier League will help you successfully, enjoyably, and profitably place bets on the top teams in english football.

Premier League Futures Odds – (Provided by Leo Vegas)

Team Odds
Manchester City -150
Liverpool +400
Manchester United +750
Chelsea +1200
Tottenham +1600
Arsenal +2500
Everton +20000


Commonly referred to as the EPL, The Premier League, or English Premier League is comprised of 20 of the best professional teams in the world. Each team plays one another twice throughout the course of an entire season (August – May), once at home, and once away, providing equal opportunity for the 12 man advantage playing at home.

After  the 38 game season is finished the team who has the most points is awarded the Premier League Champions. Along with the top qualifier the teams finished the season in second and third qualify for the Champions League the next season, while the fourth place finisher gets the opportunity to compete in Champions League Qualification Competition. The team finishing in fifth place after the Premier League season will earn a spot in the second continental club competition, the Europa League during the following season. Teams finishing in sixth and seventh position also have the opportunity of qualifying for next season’s Europa League but there destiny is dependant on domestic and continental cup success. During the year teams have the opportunity in competing for the FA Cup and the League Cup where the winners each guarantee spots in the upcoming Europa League, assuming they don’t finish in the top four of the league and qualify for the Champions League. In this case their Europa League Spots are handed down to the next highest finishing team who has not already qualified for the Europa League.

The Relegation Zone

The teams that find themselves in 18th, 19th, and 20th, positions after the completion of a Premier League season will be relegated to the second tier of English Football, currently known as the Championship. They are replaced by teams finishing 1st and 2nd in The Championship the winner of the play-offs for that league.


The Premier League was established in 1992 after clubs diverted from the English First Division from the Football League. This created the fourth professional football league in England, three of which continued to be run by The Football League and the newest operated by The Premier League. After some time the top league for the most talented players became the Premier League, the second division became Football League Division One, the third Football League Division two, and the fourth Football league Division three.

With varying sponsorships came different titles throughout the existence of the Premier League as it initially was called the FA Premier League, then the FA Carling Premiership, then Barclays Premier League, and finally has been deemed the Premier league since the 16/17 season.

When it was established the league consisted of 24 teams, and was reduced to 20 by the 94/95 season which is how many there are today. During its existence only six different teams have ever been crowned the Premier League Champions. (Manchester United – 13) (Chelsea – 4) (Arsenal – 3) (Manchester City -2) (Leicester City – 1) (Blackburn Rovers – 1)

Premier League Odds

Premier League odds and bookmaker offerings are similar to most other football betting markets and understanding them can help maximize profits and long term success. Bookmakers cover a wide variety of outcomes across the Premier League, ranging from outright bets, title winners, futures, props, top four finishers, and even asian handicaps. The standard odd types of Match Result, Asian Handicap, and Goal Total Over/Under are available for each match.


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