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Over 1.5: what it means and how to play it


Over 1.5 is the type of bet most used by bettors and like all types of Over bets, it consists in predicting the number of goals scored in a certain game. It is one of the best odds for winning the bets.

What it means and how to play Over 1.5

But what does Over mean? Over indicates the amount of goals, which must be greater than a predetermined value.

The value, in our case 1.5, indicates the number of goals scored within the regular 90 minutes (overtime is not considered).

So what does over 1.5 mean? Betting on an event over 1.5 therefore basically means predicting that the goals scored by the teams involved in a given match will be more than one (therefore for example 2,3,4,5 and so on).

Let’s take a practical example to better clarify what over 1.5 means.

Let’s take the Manchester derby as an example

If you decide to bet on Over 1.5 and the match ends 1 to 0, you would lose the match slip because the sum of the goals scored by the two teams would be less than the predetermined value 1.5.

If, on the other hand, you decide to bet Over 1.5 on the Manchester United – Manchester City match, and the match ends 3-2, in this case your bet would be a winner since the sum of the goals scored during the game by the two teams that took the field would be equal to 5, therefore far higher than the pre-established value 1.5.

over 1.5

You can also think that betting on Over 1.5 on a particular game is a bit like placing a winning bet in all cases except in cases where the two teams end the match with a 0 to 0 or 1 to 0.

Before betting Over 1.5 on an event, we suggest you study the teams’ form and past performance, relying on statistics to understand if it is reasonable to place the Over bet on that sporting event.

The Bundesliga confirms the championship with more Over 1.5 in percentage while, the most marked difference between the two seasons taken into consideration, is taking place in the Premier League.

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Clearly bookmakers will always tend to assign very low odds for Over 1.5 for teams used to scoring a lot, on the contrary very high for closed teams that have difficulty scoring goals. Fortunately, there is a mathematical method for winning the bets.

The only difficulty is represented by the study of the schedule to select the best Over 1.5 to play, but there is still a fast method that performs the right mathematical calculations for you to win the coupons, does not require any effort and also advises you which one bookmaker offers the best odds. As you know, the secret to winning with bets is to study the statistics of matches and championships, in fact, by betting at random, you will hardly be in a win in the long run.

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