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Minimum Odd 1.80 betting system


Progressive betting systems are very popular among gamblers. There are many betting systems that guarantee interesting gambling winnings. Today we talk about the minimum Odd 1.80 betting system.

Here in this article, we will talk about the Minimum Odd 1.80 Betting System, a successful sport betting strategy that can help you to win money in the short term.

Progressive Betting Systems: Minimum odd 1.80 System

As you can guess by the name, this betting system consists in placing bets with odds around 1.80. We said “around” because it is not necessary to bet always at this specific odd, but the point is that you have to place bets with the average odd of 1.80 during the whole progression.

There are 3 variants of this betting system, on the basis of the risk we are willing to take. Anyway, we also want to talk about another variant of this method, the safest one in our opinion.

Well, now let’s see some examples to illustrate how this progression betting system works. Before we start, let’s assume that we have a starting bankroll of 80€, and that we place 2 bets per week, with a total of 8 bets a month. Keep on reading to understand how to use the minimum odd 1.80 system to increase your profits.

Method 1: betting the same stake on every bet

This is the simplest of the betting methods, indeed this progression is perfect for beginner bettors. In layman’s terms, this method consists on betting always the same stake on every bet, whether you win or lose.


Bet 1: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ WON

Bet 2: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ LOST

Bet 3: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ WON

Bet 4: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ WON

Bet 5: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ WON

Bet 6: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ LOST

Bet 7: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ LOST

Bet 8: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ WON

As you can see, you just have to win 5 bets out of 8 to have a positive outcome: 5×18€ = 90€ after an investment of 80€. For this reason we are talking about a long-term sustainable method, also because events with this odd have a probability of 55% that may occur.

The only disadvantage of this method is that you can make only little profits, and for this reason you, if you want to more money you have to continue the progression for a long time.

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Method 2: doubling your bet after every loss

This progression is very similar to the Martingale Betting System, and it consists on doubling your bet after every loss. Let’s see some examples:

Option 1

Bet 1: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ WON (+8€)

You won, so go back to your original bet

Option 2

 Bet 1: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ LOST (-10€)

Bet 2: 20€ x 1.80 = 36€ WON (net winning +6€)

You won, so go back to your original bet

Option 3

Bet 1: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ LOST (-10€)

Bet 2: 20€ x 1.80 = 36€ LOST (-30€)

Bet 3: 40€ x 1.80 = 72€ WON (+2€)

You won, so go back to your original bet

As you can see, this system is simple to use. You make a bet and if you lose, you double your wager. If you lose again you double your wager again. You keep doing this until you win and then go back to your original bet. But remember, this is a betting system, not a money management system, and it can be very dangerous.


Method 3: all-in

This method is the most dangerous one. Indeed, before starting this progression, it is important to define your final aim.

This betting system consists on betting every time your win amount. No doubt with this method you can increase your profits in a very short time, but it is a high-risk system. Let’s see an example:

Bet 1: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ WON

Bet 2: 18€ x 1.80 = 32,40€ WON

Bet 3: 32,40€ x 1.80 = 58,32€ WON

Bet 4: 58,32€ x 1.80 = 104,98€ LOST

Bet 5: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ WON

This method, as well as being very dangerous, can be also very difficult to use. Indeed, as you can see, every time you lose a bet, you lose all your barkroll, and you have to start over from zero.

Method 4: our recommended strategy

So far we have talked about the most common Minimum Odd 1.80 System varieties. However, there is another version of this method, that in our view is the safest one. This forth strategy consists on betting only the win amount, excluding the stake amount.

Let’s see an example:

Bet 1: 10€ x 1.80 = 18€ WON (so we have to bet only the win amount, that is 8€)

Bet 2: 8€ x 1.80 = 14,40€ WON

Bet 3: 24,40€ x 1.80 = 25,92€ WON

And you keep going on until you reach your aim. In case of losing bet, go back to bet 10€.

Advantages and disadvantages of Minimum odd 1.80 System

On the one hand, no doubt this progression betting system is simple to use, and this is its best advantage. On the other hand, it is a high-risk system: 3 losing bets are enough to lose all your starting bankroll.

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