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Invictus: the revolutionary sports betting algorithm


Since it was introduced in 2016 – Invictus has received rave reviews regarding the accuracy of betting tips it provides users. We feel consistent tips are crucial to successful betting – but unfortunately they can be so hard to come across these days. A proper tip for betting is one that assess risk, provides value, and is informed on all the potential variables. At Invictus we make this process very easy, as we have developed a sports betting algorithm that factors in bets from over 100,000 bettors world wide.

You can find pretty much anything on the web these days and with the sea of ​​information at your fingertips it is natural that you question the legitimacy of some products. There are various online betting guides and services that aim to help you place safe bets –  but our question to you is how effective are these websites? Have you ever let algorithms, artificial intelligences, sure bets calculators, and betting systems do the homework before you place a bet?

Algorithm Sports Betting

In this article we will explain why you should rely on INVICTUS and why our algorithm differs from other advisors that populate the web. We will talk to you about predictive skills and how you can calculate risk vs reward and increase your chances of winning, minimizing the potential of losing. INVICTUS is the first machine learning bet system that processes terabytes of data released on the net by more than 100,000 thousand tipsters from over 70 countries. It is a priority algorithm, devised by the minds of an international team led by statisticians, who offer you concrete help to bet.


Thanks to revolutionary Big Data Scanning systems, INVICTUS selects the best investment option across more than 2000 events a day and provides you with calculated suggestions to bet on. INVICTUS is the first bet advisory system that teaches you how to invest your budget in a rational way and realizes your dream of guaranteeing a constant positive profit over the long term.

It is not a scam because it exploits a concept long since adopted in the world of finance. This is the “wisdom of the masses”, the ability of the algorithm to process cards analyzing the thinking of more than 100,000 professional bettors and not only based on the instinct of a single bettor.

The algorithm’s operation is very simple:

Invictus extrapolates bet cards from the best players around the world and uses their knowledge to get the best forecasts on the current market. It processes and correlates terabytes of data generated every day by more than 100,000 professional bettors and finally suggests the right number of events on which to bet together with the sum to invest in each event guiding you step by step towards a new way of betting, rational and studied, capable of guaranteeing a positive profit every month.

Moreover, unlike many other services, INVICTUS aims to suppress your desire to bet too much and run the risk of ending up losing your entire capital.

Download the Invictus app to stay up to date on all the tips, results and negotiations of thousands of teams, leagues and sports. Click on the Apple Store if you have an iPad or iPhone, or click on Google Play if you have an Android tablet or smartphone. invictus app store appleinvictus google play android

If you are still wondering if INVICTUS is a scam, here are 3 good reasons to change your mind:

1) Analysis

INVICTUS analyzes all sporting events for you by proposing to invest on a board a reasoned percentage of your budget in order to maximize your profit by reducing the risks.
The algorithm is not a rip off, it will never recommend you to bet all your capital at once. It ensure you bet with limited risk of losing, to maintain a consistent and growing bankroll.

Statistics show that after about 2 weeks most gamblers lose their consistency and set aside their investment strategy to follow their instincts.

2) Positive Profit

Other types of investments are subject to tax relief, with INVICTUS there are no scams: the profits generated by the suggested coupons are entirely in your hands.

3) No Limits

You will not be asked to actually invest your budget for sports games.

You decide how much to bet and which bookmaker to place the bet with – the algorithm will provide you with suggestions.

INVICTUS will ensure winning bets and a growing bankroll.

Anyway, the key to winning at sport betting is studying match and championship stats; indeed, in order to go a long way with sport betting, it is important to do not bend over on fortune. However, finding detailed information about the matches, such as odds, the lineup of the teams, etc. may be a long and boring activity. So, what can we do about it? Technology gave us a solution: INVICTUS.



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