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Invictus announces the Bet System: the first progression betting system calculator in the world


David, Andrew, Luke, John, Carl, Vincent, Leonard…we know our customers, and we know their dreams. Especially yours. We have listened to your desires and we have worked hard to offer you the betting advisory service of your dreams. Above all we want to thank you for all your support. After months of meticulous work we are ready to announce a new incredible feature of our algorithm: the BET SYSTEM, the first progression betting systems calculator in the world.

We are proud to introduce the Bet System, the first technology that calculates successful sport betting strategies

After a whole year spent working on our project, we have improved our technology and now we are ready to release a new, updated version of our algorithm, a duet of power and precision, with an exclusive feature, unique in the betting market: the BET SYSTEM, the progressions betting systems calculator.

Download the Invictus app to stay up to date on all the tips, results and negotiations of thousands of teams, leagues and sports. Click on the Apple Store if you have an iPad or iPhone, or click on Google Play if you have an Android tablet or smartphone. invictus app store appleinvictus google play android

Our AI will recognize your gambling habits and will help you to improve your bets, giving you an unlimited stream of reliable sports betting tips and planning for you customized progressions betting systems.

We have been testing our method for 6 months on our Telegram channels in Italy and Spain, and we have achieved impressive results: we placed more than 150 bets and we won 1.200€ using the Martingale betting system.

Bet System: special launch offer

On the occasion of the launch of this new feature, we want to offer you INVICTUS Bet System at an unbeatable price:


Are you ready for the betting revolution? Bet system is coming!

You just have to try our revolucionary algorithm and see for yourself the incredible results of INVICTUS winning bets.

Getting profits now is easier! BOOK IN ADVANCE YOUR BET SYSTEM and rewrite the rules of betting thanks to:

  • Unlimited stream of sport betting tips
  • Multiple bets calculator
  • Professional betting statistics tool
  • Real-time and customized consultancy service

Sign up for free now! Try the firts progression betting system in the world!


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