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How to Bet on Sports


Football is the most popular sport in the world. This leads it to this sport containing a large number of different tournaments and clubs. Which leads to an incredibly large amount of matches to place bets on.

To understand how to bet on sports it is important to know how they function. Understanding betting odds and the different types of bets are the foundation of sports betting.

Betting Forms

There are two common betting formats that odds are shown as. They are known as the decimal and fraction form. In decimal form, the odd multiplied by the stake subtracting the stake is the amount that could be won.

   Ex. 4.5 * 100 – 100= 350

   4.5 is the odd, 100 euro stake multiplied by the odd, and then subtracted to show the winnings.

The other form is fraction form. It is best understood through an example.

   Ex. 5/1 is the odd for Liverpool to win. The stake is 1 euro and 5 euro is the chance to win. If the bet is won the total return would be 6 euro with a profit of 1 euro.

By understanding the format of different bets will allow you to bet on sports more successfully.

Types of Bets

There are many different types of bets, but the essential part is understanding how a basic bet system functions.

There are many different betting systems that bookmakers use and understanding the terminology is essential to being a successful better. Understanding these will help on how to bet on sports.

Here are some commons one:

Halftime/full time:

Predict the result at halftime and full time in one bet.

First Goal Scorer

Whoever scores the first goal.

Handicap Betting

Used when there is a big favorite.

Ex. A handicap betting odds of -0.5. This means that the favorite must win by 0.5 goals or otherwise the other team wins in the bet.

Spread Bets: To understand how to bet against the spread means, it is essential to understand what the spread is. The spread is the betting line that projects the number of goals scored by each team. Betting against it means that the goal difference would be incorrect, and vice versa for betting for the spread.


Betting can be done on multiple different events and leagues. Here are some examples of where betting can take place.


Premier League:

This is one of the top leagues in the world that take place in the UK

La Liga:

This is another popular league that takes place in Spain. It boasts highly amazing players such as Lionel Messi

Serie A:

This is one of the best leagues and is in Italy. An impressive point shown by this league is Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence in this league.


There are a couple of major tournaments that bettors would be wise to place bets on.

The World Cup

This is one of the most prestigious tournaments that occur. It contains teams from all over the world. It happens every 4 years and is a great chance to place bets.

UEFA Champions League

The champions league is a contemplation of the top clubs from the top leagues. This is a great chance for a beginner to bet due to the amount of knowledge available.

UEFA European Championship

This is a contemplation of the top teams in Europe. This also is another great chance to make bets due to the knowledge present.

Here are some Basic Football Betting Strategies and Tips:

Pick One Team:

Use your resources to focus on one team. There are many benefits to incorporating this strategy as it allows you to understand what you are betting on. By having a deeper understanding of a team you will be able to figure out how other teams match up with the team you are focusing on. This is important because you will know how much effort and if there is a mismatch that the sportsbook doesn’t account for. By picking one team it will allow you to bet on sports more prolifically.


By conducting research on teams that you are thinking about betting on you are receiving the full knowledge about a bet. Research is very important because it could show factors that could creep in that would impact the game in a way that bookies don’t account for.


Patience is very important in betting. Betting on sports in inherently risky. This means that it is a reality that you will lose and win bets. It is important to take into account the chance to lose and win while focusing on long-term profit.


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