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How to Create Winning Progressions With the Bet System


INVICTUS launched a new incredible feature of our algorithm: the Bet System. It’s the first progressions betting system calculator! Here in this article we will explain how to use this exclusive tool to place only winning bets with INVICTUS.


First of all, let’s explain what progression betting systems are, and why they are very useful to make money gambling. A progression is a betting system that helps the bettor get an ‘edge’ over the bookmaker, and increase his chances for the potential win. It may seem difficult to understand, but in reality it is easier than you expect.

What if we told you that you can win 200 euros in 15 days with an investment of 100 euros? You would do it right now, wouldn’t you? And what if we told you that you could lose some bets during this period, would you invest anyway? You would be wrong not to! It’s important to understand that progressions betting systems are long-term strategies. Therefore, it takes patience and a little bit of effort.

To make it easier, INVICTUS launched the Bet System, the technology which provides winning betting progressions.

Since we are launching this new feature, we want to offer you INVICTUS Bet System at an unbeatable price:

Currently there are 4 betting systems available: the Martingale betting system, the Minimum odd 1.80 betting system, the 3 progressive betting method, and the Invictus Method.

Now let’s see how to create winning progressions with this exclusive tool.

First, click on BET SYSTEM, and choose the type of progression you want to start:


Choose your progression and define the starting bankroll, the minimum stake, and your final aim.


Easy, isn’t it? Now you just have to add the right bets to your progression. If you don’t like our suggested bets, you can search for another bet by clicking on “I WANT ANOTHER BET”:



Keep track of your progressions on the graph:


Now that you know how it works, you just have to try our revolutionary Bet System, and see for yourself the incredible results of INVICTUS winning bets.

Getting profits now it is easier with INVICTUS! Sign up for free now!


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