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Goalscorer betting


Betting on goalscorers

When goalscorer betting on football, you try and predict who will score the first goal of the match. Although it is a very simple concept, we suggest you take time to do some research. Assess the rules applied by bookmakers offering this form of betting. Issues that come from this form of betting deal with substitutions, and own goal policies that varies from between sportbooks.

goalscorer betting

In most cases the bookmaker offers a payout if the chosen player scores the second or third goal as well. An alternative variation to this form of betting is called Last Goal Scorer. It offers odds around which player will score the last goal of the match. Yet another variation is called Scorer Anytime. It is prediction model based on who will score during anytime of the match.

There is another form of odds most bookmakers provide in this same market which is called Scorecast. While we don’t recommend wagering on these odds, as you would be wagering on both the first goal scorer and the final result of the match which is most definitely considered a high risk bet.


Player Odds 1st Goal

Championship / Tournament / League Top Goalscorer Odds

Bookmakers will offer a slightly different set of odds for football championships and tournaments, one of these is the top goal scorer for an entire event. This is betting on who you think will finish the Championship, League, or Tournament with the most goals. If interested in these types of markets we suggest you take into account variables such as injuries, upcoming fixtures, suspensions, and technical tendencies.

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There are many different types of goalscorer betting that you can chose from. As always, it is very important to do your research before the games. To learn more strategies like this, check out INVICTUS’ website.

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