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Football League Championship predictions


To be a lower category, the English Championship has nothing to envy to some of the major european championships. Find out the football league championship predictions and go win your bets thanks to the scientific predictions of Invictus.

Football League Championship Predictions

The Football League Championship, often simply called the Championship, is the highest division in the English Football league and ranks second to the Premier League in the overall English football system. The two teams finishing at the top of the Championship move up to the Premier League, making this a big deal for teams, players, and fans alike. Teams finishing 3rd to 6th also get a chance for promotion when they play against each other.

Football League Championship predictions

Any of the teams that finish in the bottom three get relegated to League One, which makes this entire Championship pivotal in the way that the next year’s football will look. Although only introduced in this form in 2004, the Championship has become very successful. It runs from August through to May the following year, making right now, a big moment for the 24 teams battling it out as it heads towards crunch time.

Upward movers

Thus far there are some clear winners. Norwich City and Leeds United top the table, although by just a few points. However, with 35 of the 46 games played it looks likely that they’re both heading for a promotion to the Premier League. Norwich City’s next game is against the somewhat weak Swansea City (currently sitting halfway down the pack). The game is likely to swing Norwich’s way, though there could be a few goals scored.

Leeds United face a much tougher challenge next in the form of Bristol City. Already qualifying for the playoffs, Bristol City will be keen to cement their place and a chance to move up through the ranks. This could be a pretty pivotal game with a win for them definitely increasing those chances. Players and fans might do well to prepare for a draw, even if it’s one filled with goals from both teams.

Dropping down

Rotherham United, Bolton Wanderers, and Ipswich Town are the unlucky losers at the bottom of the pile this year. Rotherham fans will be particularly distraught having managed to claw their way out of League One last year for a shot in the Championship. They’re on the top though, with the same points, but a worse goal difference, than Reading, so they could still make it out of the relegation zone if they win their next game.

Sadly for Rotherham, their next game is against third-placed. A win for Sheffield could snatch automatic promotion out of the hands of Leeds – that’s how close things are. Despite Rotherham needing this win, Sheffield steam-rollered Reading in their last outing with a massive 4-0 win, which doesn’t bode well for Rotherham. We still anticipate a bit of a fight from them, so even though it’s probably a Sheffield win, Rotherham might get a goal or two.

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The play-off zone

As we have seen, with around a quarter of the games to go, team position is by no means safe. This is especially if you’re in the qualification for play-offs zone. Just a few points separate the four top teams – Sheffield United, West Bromwich Albion, Middlesbrough and Bristol City – from each other, and indeed from competitors out of the zone. Derby County and Birmingham City are both poised to capitalise on any mistakes made and snatch a spot.

Derby will be looking to take that 6th place spot when they take on Sheffield Wednesday in a game that could prove tense for both sides – after all, they both have a big stake in it. Birmingham City will also have a tough game when they face Aston Villa. Birmingham still has a chance at that all-important playoff spot, the outcome boiling down to how this game goes. Current form points to a draw though.


Stoke City started as the favorites, but have had a singularly poor year, sitting midfield for most of it. It was asking a lot of this recently relegated team to return to form this year, and sadly they have stumbled. Nottingham Forest was another early outside favorite at the beginning of the season, but although they’re playing well, they have not made as much of an impact as fans would have wanted, or indeed, expected.


Football League Championship predictions will be hard to determine this year. Depending on how things go for the top-rated teams, both West Bromwich and Middlesbrough are in strong contention positions and have remained strong throughout the Championship. However, if Norwich and Leeds can pull off wins in their next games, a gap could open up. Derby is still poised for those playoffs and, with new management, could well pull it off.

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