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Football Betting Techniques


,There are many different football betting techniques that exist. Each with different level of risk and complexity. Here we will go over some common betting techniques.

Accumulator Bets

An accumulator bet is a very common football bet. Beginners often use them because they have a chance for high rewards. These bets also have high risk though. An accumulator bet consists of multiple bets all put into one bet. This is a risky bet because everything you pick has to be right in order to win any. Here is an example.

football betting techniques

Ex. Here is a table of different games.

Game Odd
Liverpool vs. Napoli Liverpool 1.4
Juventus vs. PSG Juventus 3.4
Roma vs Lazio Rome 2.3
Manchester City vs Manchester United Manchester United 4.6

If a stake of 10 euros is placed for all the teams to win this would be the result. 10 * (1.4 * 3.4 * 2.3 * 4.6) = 503.68. Therefore, the reward is huge, but the likelihood of all the teams in this selection winning is extremely low. This is one of the riskier football betting techniques.

Double Chance

A double chance betting strategy consists of betting on two outcomes out of three possible outcomes. This is a common bet in football. These bets can be a win, loss, or draw. An example of this is seen below:

Liverpool vs Manchester United Example:

In a double chance, you bet on two possible outcomes. So a possible bet in this framework is a bet on Liverpool to win and both teams to draw. If any of these outcomes occur you win.

This is a safer bet because your chance of winning this bet is increased. This is generally a safer football betting technique.

Halftime/Fulltime Betting

Halftime/Fulltime betting is very similar to other betting types, but there is one major difference. For example, you can bet on both the game’s halftime and full-time results. This bet belongs in the category of a double bet.

This isn’t a complicated bet, but the odds are increased in this type of situation. An example of this is a bet on the favorite to lead at the half, and then eventually lose in at the end. This can result in very high odds. Additionally, this can be both a high and low risk football betting technique depending on who you choose. 

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Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is also known as a sure bet. A bet placed through this system is guaranteed to have a profit that is greater than your stake. The profit is often low and needs a large stake to receive a larger profit. It is better to use multiple bookmakers for this technique.

This type of betting is done off of favorable odds. For example:

Team Odds Stake Revenue
Team A 3.9 26.42 103.04
Team B 1.4 73.58 103.01

A stake of 100 euros was placed on both teams, but with these odds, any losses that could occur are covered. The downside to this technique is that it tends to be difficult to find these odds. Most of the time these odds are available only after the start of a match. This means that it’s important to be committed to this bet if you choose this technique. This is one of the safest football betting techniques due to no risk.

Betting System

A betting system is similar to how an accumulator functions. The major difference is that in system bets you don’t need to have every selection to be correct to collect a profit. Due to this, there is often lower odds then of multi-bets/accumulators which, means less profit, but it also means less risk. The major difference with this bet and other betting techniques besides accumulators is that it leads to higher odds.

There are many different types of betting systems. They are formatted as 2 out of 3, 4 out of 5, or 7 out of 10. These sound confusing but are actually pretty straightforward. A 2 out of 3 betting system can be seen below:

First Bet: Win Liverpool (2.3) and Win Dortmund (2.5)

Second Bet: Win Liverpool (2.3) and Arsenal (1.9)

Third Bet: Win Dortmund (2.5) and Win Arsenal (1.9)

Say only Liverpool and Dortmund win, this would lead to a return and a profit. This is the major difference between this and an accumulator bet because in an accumulator bet if one of the selections loses the whole selection is lost.

If 300 euros bet (100 euros on each bet), the profit would be ( 100 * 2.3 * 2.5 = 575). This clears the total stake of 300 euros that was put down.

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