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INVICTUS Football Betting Strategy


If we were asked about the future of online betting, we would imagine it simple, more rational and just a click away. It is the dream of all betting enthusiasts, and we intend to make it real, make it tangible, concrete.

It is the project we have been working on for over a year. And now, finally we are here.

We are ready to give you a new generation of bets, a cutting edge technology that combines the power of big data with the wisdom of the best bettors from all over the world, with the aim of giving you back the freedom to bet without fear.

It took several months of research, testing, feedback. We listened to the voice of our users, one by one, and now we are really ready to release a new version of INVICTUS, more in line with your tastes, designed just for you.

We have brought our artificial intelligence to much higher levels, developing all the features you really need:

We have enhanced our algorithm and the Machine Learning system and now we track the activities of over 100,000 professional bettors on the planet.

We have made our AI able to adapt to your needs, to read your tastes, to know your intentions and to generate the cards just as you like them.

We have broken down every limit and barrier of the past to guarantee you, at any moment, the opportunity to bet and have fun.

We will offer you all the tools you have always wanted to bet on. We will make INVICTUS faster and more powerful to give you at any time:


We have developed a platform that guarantees you at any moment hundreds of forecasts, developed by the best bettors in the world and reviewed by our algorithm. Using INVICTUS will be the most profitable football betting strategy you have ever used. 

A tool that offers you the possibility to create, at any moment of the day and with a simple click, an unlimited number of cards that you can mix as you wish.


From now on we will offer you the chance to play any type of odds and to bet in total autonomy. It will only be your risk tolerance that will guide you.

Do you want to bet on a less likely event to test your skills and the expertise of our top tipsters? Maybe you prefer to rely on lower shares? From today you can bet as you want and in total freedom.


Our algorithm is in your hands. We have improved our Machine Learning system to higher and higher levels and developed the ability of our artificial intelligence to read your personal tastes and track down only the best games on the market for you. The algorithm will be at your dependency and will satisfy all your requests. You can request your winning card by checking different parameters like Quota per event, Quota per schedina, Events per card.


During the creation of the ticket, our algorithm will show you in real time the degree of reliability of your bet by using a tachometer interface and a star indicator. You can always count on a consultancy service before placing your bet, and it will be effective and able to calculate the mathematical probability of success of the selected options.


Our artificial intelligence will provide you with a comparison service that will compare for you the odds of different online bookmakers based on the events you have decided to include in your play and track down who offers the best odds on the market at that time, helping you maximize your profit.


We have worked to make you free to bet as much as you prefer on each ticket and have a feedback of your potential winnings. Abolishing the minimum budget to be respected, the calculated bets, we will make you free to bet as much as you want and where you want.


Our algorithm will select for you all the games processed by the best tipsters in the world. A reliability indicator will classify the top tipsters into three classes: gold tipster, silver tipster and bronze tipster. Bettors in the bronze category enjoy a 60% win rate, 70% silver tipsters and 80% gold. A number next to each little man will tell you how many top tipsters belonging to that category have played the prediction selected by our algorithm.


You can consult the statistics of all the matches selected for you by our algorithm and stay up to date on the performances of the teams you are betting on. The results of the last head-to-head meetings, the form state of the two teams, the under / over. We will provide you with all the information you need to bet in total security.


You will have access at any time to a personal area where you can view the history of your cards, performance charts and keep track of your performances and profits over time. You will have a real diary in which all your activities on INVICTUS will be recorded .

A new way of living betting is coming. Take part in the revolution and change the betting rules forever. We will be online soon.


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