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Focus on the safest and most profitable betting methods


As many people know, the largest number of bets in Italy are placed on football events. This is because it is the national sport, and people are more comfortable with it. Most of the bettors, however, place bets despite knowing much about the sport. They don’t have a studied plan, and focus entirely on their instinct for every bet. In this article we will attempt to help these people, and show the best methods of betting based on probability and other mathematical factors. We will help bring profitability to your bets, while avoiding big losses. Using Invictus’ sports gambling strategies can help you make the profits you are looking for. 

The Martingal

These sports gambling strategies consists of betting on a team by doubling our bet in the event of a loss. This strategy is useful because when you finally guess the bet right, you earn back your totally investment, and more. For this reason, we need shares equal to or greater than 2.

The draw is a very frequent result in football, especially in the minor categories. This methodology is very simple, and consists of playing the same amount on three results with the sign “X” in single, appropriately chosen at a quota greater than or equal to 3.00. Take even a draw, it allows you to recover the amount played, if the X fits are two doubles, and of course take three draws means triple the amount played. We recommend starting from betting at low odds, and playing on any winnings. We advise you use this method in the league already settled so as to have more ease in identifying the matches with high probability of a draw.

bettingX firs time

For this method the great teams of the best European leagues should be taken into consideration (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Man City, PSG, Juventus, Naples, Rome etc.). This is because there will always be more draws (X). You can bet on virtually all the teams though. It is played continuously and doubled. Let’s see a practical example to understand better:

PSG Season Example

First day: PSG-Amiens. First half 1-0. Investment € 10. Lost 
Second day: Guingamp-PSG. First half 0-0. Investment € 20. Won (2.80 share) 56 €

Investment € 30, net income € 26

Third day: PSG-Toulouse. First half 1-1. Investment € 10. Won (quota 3) 30 €

Investment € 10, net income € 20

Fourth day: PSG-St.Etienne. First half 1-0. Investment € 10. Lost 
5th day: Metz-PSG. First half 1-1. Investment € 20. Won (2.70 share) 54 €

Investment € 30, net income € 24

Total after 5 days: € 70 investment, € 140 winnings, € 70 net profit

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Paplay method

This method consists of committing all the gain in subsequent events whose total share is about 2, for a maximum of three subsequent events. For example: I play € 10 on a two share and I win € 20, I play all € 20 won on a new quota two and I win € 40, I reply for the third time and I win € 80.

Maria’s laying system

This method is more complex. You have to arm yourself with a calculator and make different calculations. It is also the most revolutionary one that has managed to make several people break in history. It consists of betting on events that according to our prediction will not come out. This method was originally used for horse racing, but can be readjusted to football. The procedure is as follows: 
1% of the initial cash point is played for shares less than or equal to 3.50; 
0.6% of the initial cash is played for odds ranging from 3.60 to 7.40; 
0.4% of the initial cash point is played for odds ranging from 7.50 to 11. 
The odds above 11 are not considered.
In case of winnings, the cash will be recalculated and the percentages adjusted, otherwise the percentage will not be reduced until 35% of the last highest cash is lost.

What are you waiting for? Try one of these sports gambling strategies that you have just learned on INVICTUS!

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