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Everton – Chelsea prematch analysis


Everton versus Chelsea is one of those games that always brings a lot of excitement. Over the years, these two teams have faced off with varying degrees of success on either side. Thanks to their high calibre players, fans can never truly predict the outcome of the game, making this head-to-head match a true nailbiter every single time. However, each season there’s always one team slightly ahead, so let’s take a closer look.

Everton – Chelsea prematch analysis

This article will take an in-depth look into just what these two teams are capable of. Looking at current performance for each team, as well as their history against each other, will give us a good idea of what to expect in the upcoming weeks. But remember, this is a sport, and at the end of the day, anything can and does, happen. So don’t stake everything on our word alone.


Everton: their year so far

At this point in the year, there haven’t been many games, but those that have been played could give us an indication of what is to come. To put it bluntly, Everton has not been at their best. Their last six games have produced three losses, two wins and a draw against Liverpool – not totally inspiring as they head towards the big game against Chelsea later on this year.

Worse still, the teams they have beaten were either not of the highest calibre, or were similarly not playing so well. Losses for Everton have come at the hands of Manchester City, Watford, and Wolves, so that’s something of a mixed bag. Their draw came when playing Liverpool as they came off their most recent win against Cardiff, so maybe they are now on the up, getting into their stride as the season continues.

Chelsea: how have they fared?

Chelsea, on the other hand, has seen four wins, one draw, and one loss in their last six games. They’ve also played significantly more football than Everton, participating in the Premier League, Carabao Cup Final, Europa League, and FA Cup. Arguably, their competition has also been stiffer than Everton’s; with the ability of the teams, they’ve played being that much greater. Maybe this practice could put them out in front when comparing these two teams.

It’s interesting to note that neither team has managed to beat Manchester City this year. However, unlike their soon-to-be opponents, Chelsea held Manchester City to a respectable draw. It’s worth mentioning here that Chelsea did fall to Manchester United – their only loss in their last few games. However, when Chelsea has won, they have won well, scoring at least two goals in every single winning game, a fact that puts them a bit ahead.

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Everton – Chelsea: going head-to-head

The rivalry between these two teams goes back to 1907 when the inaugural game was played. Back then, things went Chelsea’s way with a 2-1 win over Everton. Sadly for Everton fans, the history doesn’t look so great for the team in this encounter. The two sides have played a whopping 180 games against each other in various competitions – sometimes playing several times in a single year.

The outcome of these meetings has, for the most part, gone Chelsea’s way. Everton has won 54 of these outings, losing 72 and holding the remaining 54 at a draw. This puts Everton at a distinct disadvantage in the eyes of the opposition, but everyone loves an underdog. Of course, old history doesn’t mean anything when it comes to the upcoming game, so what have the most recent encounters been like?

Everton – Chelsea: recent face-offs

Sadly, recent encounters don’t put Everton in a positive light, either. The last two games were draws, but before that, Everton lost four in a row. Everton has only managed to get one goal in six games against Chelsea with the latter side putting a massive 12 goals over on Everton in a virtually unanswered return. It doesn’t look good for the Everton side unless they can pull something big out of the bag.


With all this in mind, it looks like this game has the potential to score big – on Chelsea’s side that is. Despite Everton holding Chelsea to a nil all draw at the end of last year, their recent form doesn’t bode well. Chelsea are scoring left, right and centre so this promises to be another game in the bag for them. Everton could be improving though, but history, and form, is rather against them this time out.

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