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Draw no bet


Draw no Bet

In this bet, a draw is not an option, meaning that in the case of a draw, you get your stake back. As a consequence the odds are lower on each team to win than in traditional 3-way betting. This is just the same bet as an Asian Handicap +0 bet on any given team.

Draw No Bet simply means you place a bet on one team to win the match and if the game finishes as a draw you will have your stake refunded (i.e there is no bet).

It’s a fairly simple bet as you can see. You can bet on either Chelsea or West Ham to win the match, with your stake protected should the match end in a draw. With the potential for a draw eliminated from the market, DNB odds are lower than if you bet on either team in the 1X2 match result market.


Draw no Bet odds

1 X 2
8.00 4.00 1.30

Betting Amount: $25

Your Prediction : 1X

Divide your amount ($25) with the odds for the draw (4.00) (25: 4.00 = 6,25 EUR).

So, you should bet $6,25 on X and the rest ($18,75) on 1.

In case of a draw, you’re getting back all your money ($25). Same as would happen with “Draw No Bet”. If the result is 1, you’ll get 18,75 x 8.00 = $150.




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