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Betting on La Liga in 2019


La Liga betting

La Liga is considered one of the world’s top football leagues. This means that it provides great opportunities for bettors. It’s also one of the most outmatched leagues in terms of competitive equality. As with the Premier League and other major European Leagues, La Liga provides a huge market for sports bettors. Our comprehensive guide to betting on La Liga will help you successfully, enjoyably, and profitably place bets on the top teams in Spanish football.

la liga betting

Overview of La Liga

The league consists of 20 teams, but only a small percentage of them are good enough to be winners. As most would assume, two of the favorites leading into the season every year are Barcelona and Real Madrid. More recently, Atletico Madrid has joined the elite status too. During the 18/19 season those three teams will most likely compete for the top of the table once again. These three teams have been dominating the league for year. It has been 13 years since one of these three didn’t win the championship.

Thankfully there is more for other teams to look forward to than just winning La Liga each year. Much like the Premier League, the top three teams get a position in the group stages of the Champions League. The Fourth place team is also given the chance to qualify through qualification matches. The fifth place team in La Liga seasonal play will get the chance to play for the Europa League.

The Relegation Zone

La Liga leads the way in a high volume Spanish Football paradigm. Each league in Spain provides the opportunity for advancement. On the other hand, the opposite can happen for those finishing in the bottom three positions in La Liga. They will be relegated to La Liga 2. The three teams who get relegated will be replaced with three of the top teams in La Liga 2 that past season.  

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History of La Liga

La Liga was first established in 1929, and originally consisted of 10 teams competing for the Spanish Football Championship. Before its introduction, the Copa del Rey a nationalized cup competition was the effective Spanish National Championship. From 1936-39 they also had to stop playing because of the Spanish Civil War. Fast forward to 2018 and La Liga is made up of 20 of football teams competing under the UEFA Confederation. As previously stated, La Liga has been dominated by three main teams Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid has had the greatest success with 33 La Liga titles. The next closest team is Barcelona, with a total of 25 La Liga Championship Titles. The most recent club other than Real Madrid or Barcelona to win the league was Atletico Madrid in 2013/14. The current champion of La Liga is Barcelona after finishing a top the table in 2017/18.

La Liga Odds Explained

Since football is the most popular sport in Spain, they host numerous different leagues that offer great football betting opportunities. All major bookmakers offer odds for La Liga football markets. With so many different options, it’s nearly impossible for bookmakers to accurately predict all odds correctly. Bookmakers often overlook certain games, and offer odds that may present value to an experienced bettors. La Liga odds and bookmaker offerings are similar to most other football betting markets. Understanding them can help maximize profits and long term football betting success. Bookmakers cover a wide variety of outcomes across La Liga football matches. They include outright bets, title winner, futures, props, and top four finishers. The standard odd types are generally provided surrounding markets like Match Result, Asian Handicap, and Goal Total Over/Under all available for each match.

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