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Betting on Italian Serie A 2019


Betting on Italian Serie A Football

If you are new to betting on european football then you should know that the Italian Serie A League is some of the highest level of Football in Europe. It may not be one of the most viewed leagues in the world but the Italian Serie A Football league produces some of the top teams, and players in the world. The level of competition is highly regarded, and is known for producing intense and close matchups each week. The high level of play in this league provides a great market for football bettors and sports fans alike. Our comprehensive guide to betting on Italian Serie A Football will help you successfully, enjoyably, and profitably place bets on the top teams in Italian football.

Overview of Italian Serie A Football

Similar to most other premier leagues in Europe, Serie A uses the round robin format where teams are awarded three points for a win and one point for a draw. After the 38 games are completed by all 20 teams in the Italian league, the team with the most points are crowned the Serie A winners. After the completion of the season each team will have played every team in the league twice, once at home and another away. This format allows each team to schedule there year around having the advantage of playing at home and also facing the difficulty of playing in other teams home stadiums, playing a match at home  in Italian Serie A Football is a huge advantage.

Italian Serie A league is made up of 18 teams and after the completion of a season the top two teams are guaranteed a place in the group stage of the Champions League. Due to current UEFA ratings, the Italian Serie A Football league requires the third place team in the league to participate in a playoff qualification which requires them to win a two legged tie to make it through to the Champions League.

Serie A league results also depict which teams will participate in the Europa League next season. Teams placing fourth out of 20 will go straight to the Europa League and the team in fifth will have to qualify for the event. It is also worth noting that the team who wins Coppa Italia is granted a spot in the Europa League which may affect which teams are guaranteed spots based off the Serie A league results.

The Relegation Zone

On the contrary the teams finding themselves in the last three positions after the season comes to an end will be relegated from the Serie A League to Serie B. The teams who finish in the top three positions from the Serie B league get promoted and will compete in the Italian Serie A League the upcoming season.

History Of Serie A

Football has a long rich history in Italy with organised football leagues going all the way back to 1898. All around the country regional teams were growing rapidly and football began attracting great popularity prompting national administrators to create a national league. The first season of Italian Serie A Football took place in 1929/30. In these days the political disputes polluted the country but the passion for football was enough to overcome these downsides and create a community of passionate football fans.

A unique tradition of Italian Serie A Football is the small shield that gets attributed to each team who wins the league. Champions have the scudetto soan on to the jerseys to wear proudly following there victorious season. Juventus has had this opportunity 32 times since the start of Serie A competition, being the most winning team in the history of the league. Milan and Internazionale are the second and third most winning teams in the history of the event with 18 championships each.

Italian Serie A Odds Explained

Football being the most popular sport in Italy and being host to numerous different leagues offers great opportunity for football bettors. All major bookmakers price up Serie A football markets but with so many options in Italy football it is nearly impossible to accurately evaluate each match and set odds accordingly. Bookmakers often overlook certain games and offer odds that may present value to an experienced football bettor looking to place a bet on Italian Serie A matches. Serie A odds and bookmaker offerings are similar to most other football betting markets and understanding them can help maximise profits and long term football betting success. Bookmakers cover a wide variety of outcomes across Serie A football, ranging from outright bets, title winners, futures, props, top four finishers, and even asian handicaps. The standard odd types are Match Result, Asian Handicap, and Goal Total Over/Under all available for each match.

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