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Betting on Euro 2020


Betting on the European Championship

One of the most prestigious tournaments in Europe is coming up in 2020 and it is the most anticipated event of the year. Happening every four years, the European Championship is a unique event that provides some great opportunities for sports bettors with an interest in football. Fortunately we have put a comprehensive Euro 2020 betting guide together to help increase your chances of profiting of this entertaining football event.  

Intro to Euro 2020

The 2020 European Championship will be held from June 12- July 12 and to celebrate its 60 years of existence will be held in 12 cities throughout 12 different European countries during the summer of 2020. Portugal is the defending champions having won the championship in 2016, however the circumstances will be unique in 2020 with 55 UEFA national teams, including the 12 national teams whose countries are scheduled to host matches, are required to compete in the qualifiers for the 24 places in the tournament. This means that it is possible for host cities to fail to qualify for the finals tournament. UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying draw will be held at the Convention Centre Dublin in Ireland on December 2, 2018. Main qualifying stages will take place in March 2019 and is scheduled to end in November of 2019. Qualifying will decide 20 of the 24 teams who will play in Euro 2020, while the remaining four participants will be automatically given spots based of the UEFA Nations League Finals with the top two teams of each group awarded spots in Euro 2020.

Euro 2020 Venues

During the summer of 2014 the venues for the 2020 European Championship were selected. Some minor issues were resolved in 2017 regarding the progress of a venue in Brussels, by relocating the venue to the Wembley Stadium in London. The decision was made on December 7, 2018 that the opening match would take place in Stadium Olimpico in Rome, Italy. It is worth noting that 8 cities and 7 countries will experience their first European Championships as they have never hosted finals matches before.

The host cities will be designated by Group and also certain stages of competition, for example the London, England venue will host group stage competition for Group D, round of 16 play, the Euro 2020 Semi-Finals, and Finals.

Group A will be played in Rome, Italy and Baku Azerbaijan.

Group B will be played in Saint Petersburg, Russia and Copenhagen, Denmark

Group C will be played in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Bucharest, Romania

Group D will be played in London, England and Glasgow, Scotland

Group E will be played in Bilbao, Spain and Dublin, Ireland

Group F will be played in Munich, Germany, and Budapest, Hungary

Euro 2020 Odds

Football being the most popular sport in the world and being host to numerous different leagues offers great opportunity for football bettors. All major bookmakers offer odds for the European Championships football markets but with so many options in France football it is nearly impossible to accurately evaluate each match and set odds accordingly. Bookmakers often overlook certain games and offer odds that may present value to an experienced football bettor looking to place a bet on Euro 2020 matches. The European Championship odds and bookmaker offerings are similar to most other football betting markets and understanding them can help maximise profits and long term football betting success. Bookmakers cover a wide variety of outcomes across Euro 2020 football matches, ranging from outright bets, title winner, futures, props, and top four finishers. The standard odd types are generally provided in decimal odds and fractional odds surrounding markets like Match Result, Asian Handicap, and Goal Total Over/Under all available for each match.

Euro 2020 Betting

The tournament is formatted by separating the 24 teams in six groups of four teams, where the top two teams of each group advance to the round of 16  along with the four best third placed teams. The tournaments second round of play is considered the round of 16 and is formatted differently as the games are single elimination for the rest of the tournament. The group stage, round of 16, and semi-final/final matches offer some of the most intense betting circumstances a football punter will ever experience. As in most competitions the matches early on usually offer better value with greater difference between teams, while the matches later on in the tournament are higher risk being such evenly matched teams.

Tournament Winner

Betting on the winner of a tournament is a relatively straight forward wager where the bettor places a bet before the event starts on a team to win the entire competition. For example if a bettor were to risk $100 on one of the teams to win Euro 2020 at odds of 4.00 and they end up winning the punter would make a profit of $300. Odds offered around these types of markets generally provide high returns as the unpredictable nature of the bet suggest a high risk high reward opportunity.

Group Winner Betting

A similar outright betting option is for a punter to wager on who will be the winner of a particular group. Another bet that is usually placed before the start of competition as odds diminish as the matches finish and less games will decide the winner.  

Qualifying for Knockout Stage

Euro 2020 will abide by traditional formats where the top two teams from each group will advance to the knockout stage along with the four best ranked third place teams. Most bookmakers offering odds on Euro 2020 will provide opportunities for bettors to predict which teams will advance adding alternative to the outright winner loser scenarios.

Top Goalscorer

While this offering may be pretty self explanatory, often in championships like Euro 2020 bookmakers will offer odds around the top goalscorer of the tournament. This is a high risk bet and is often paired with high returns if won.  

1X2 Match Betting

By far one of the most popular forms of betting that experienced football bettors tend to wager on is the option to bet on either team to win the match or draw.

Over/Under – Game Totals

OVER/UNDER odds, also known as “totals” betting is becoming more and more popular for online football bettors all over the world and can be found in Euro 2020 markets. Let’s face it, sometimes the competition is very close between two teams and is almost impossible to predict who is going to win or lose; this is where totals betting can come in. After some meticulous research on offensive & defensive trends, weather conditions, or any other variable that may affect the amount of scoring produced by both teams. Instead of choosing which team will win the game, bets are placed on whether the combined score of the game will go “over – more than” or “under – less than” a predetermined total combined score.

Euro 2020 Value Betting

Shopping for the best odds throughout various bookmaker is a valuable method for any type of profitable football betting. Euro 2020 will host some of the most competitive teams in the word and this less predictable nature provides greater odds than in in typical league play giving  ample opportunity to football bettors looking to take advantage of this market. Detailed pre match analysis will prove to be an advantage for any football bettor and especially when predicting outcomes related to cup matches.

Another good opportunity for football bettors during the play of Euro 2020 is special offers offered by bookmakers. During the later rounds of this event bookmakers will promote the use of their platform by using special bonus offers and preferred odds to use their book.

Euro 2020 Betting Strategies

Disregard Public Influence

This strategy takes very little research and is quite simple to implement; all you have to do is bet against what the majority of public is betting on. This method assumes bookmakers have shaded the line in order to better reflect what they think the public will do. After all, football sports books primary objective is to set lines that draw 50/50 action – not predict game outcomes. Betting against the public will help gain an edge on the soft lines provided by football books. If you don’t spend a lot of time researching games and analyzing statistics this can be a great strategy to use. You will need to be able to identify big market teams, perennial winners, clubs with diehard fans, and popular superstars in order to implement prosperously.

Only Bet 1-2% of your Bankroll

Casual football bettors are known for staking large portions of their bankrolls on singular bets hoping for a grand return. On the contrary if you want to see long term success in football betting it is a good idea to only wager 1-2% of your bankroll on each predicted outcome, lowering the risk of dramatic loses. Football betting is notorious for streaky activity, and even the most experienced bettors go through lengthy losing streaks. If you limit the amount of each bet and stick to a pre defined strategy then you have a higher chance of profiting in the long run.

Use Invictus to Gain Advantage on Bookmakers

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Bet Based on Past Records

Twenty years ago, stats were not as in depth, accurate, or readily available as they are in 2018. In today’s day and age with the internet it is almost impossible to properly assess all the information available on squads and leagues. Being able to identify relevant data and filtering out the rubbish has become a talent among successful football bettors. Today everyone aspires to be a stats geek. It is no secret that some of the recorded stats are irrelevant to evaluating outcomes, so it is important to understand which informations will impact your bets the most. Here are some examples of some of the more important stats to refer to when predicting games.

  • Goals Scored
  • Goals Allowed
  • Shots on Goal
  • Possession %

Hardly any experienced football bettor would advice someone to blindly place a bet on a game or event without doing a little bit of research. In order to make educated predictions there are some essential stats that will be needed to be accounted for. Proper analyses should help you determine valuable bets from invaluable bets and the most profitable place to wager your money. Simply picking a team based off their name or reputation will decrease your chances in landing a winning bet. This is why stats are important when aspiring for a positive ROI.