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Betting on Champions League in 2019


Betting on The Champions League

Anyone that bets on football will definitely place a bet on a Champions League game throughout their sports betting journey. The Champions League provides some of the best competition of football in the world. It also has some of the highest volumes of real money bets. The Champions League captivates both casual and experienced sports bettors attention, and is the largest club league in Europe.

champions league betting

Introduction Champions League betting

Being crowned the champion of the Champions League is the greatest feat for any premier club. It’s one of the largest, if not the largest football tournament in the world. While there are similar tournaments held by other continents, the best players and the biggest clubs are found in Europe. The road to the Champions League consists of several pre tournament qualification requirements that happen in early parts of summer. Famous clubs and lesser known teams all play against each other to qualify for the event.

Once finalized, the tournament consists of 32 teams. A tournament schedule is then made, which provides thousand of the best betting opportunities. The draw consists of four groups that are decided before the event moves in the knockout stage. The Champions League knockout stage hosts 16 teams who have made it out of the group stage. They all play two legged fixtures, both home and away. This format will continue all the way to the final, which is determined by one game in a mutual location. The Champions League is the most popular leagues for people to bet on every year, and offers great value.

Champions League format

Prior to 1992 the Champions League was referred to as the European Cup and was managed by UEFA. In 92’ they decided the championship needed rebranding, however, the format and rules stayed the same. When looking back on the tournament’s history you’ll notice at one point it was separated by two group stages. Before this format was modified, each group stage consisted of groups of four. Most believe this made the Champions League more challenging to win. People who believe this suggest that more knockout rounds enhance the opportunity for less experienced teams to advance.

How the Champions League works

In 2018 the Champions League format will consist of clubs that compete in three knockout qualifying rounds. Winner will advance to the playoff round qualification. Playoff winners will accept invitations to the group stage while, losers will be relegated to the Europa League. For sports bettors, it’s worth noting that outright winners can be selected before the qualification periods. You can also do so well before the Champions League competitions officially begins.

Champions League history

European football clubs are home to some of the best players in the history of the game. Most of them have either won or played in a Champions League final. These great players and more, help create some of the most interesting football betting opportunities in the world. It’s worth noting that no team has won the Champions League Final more than Real Madrid. They just so happen to be the 2018 Champions. Real Madrid has won 13 trophies, and has been runner up only 3 times. This proves their dominance on the grandest stage.

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Champions League odds

Since football is the most popular sport in Europe, they host numerous different leagues that offer great football betting opportunities. All major bookmakers offer odds for the Champions League football markets. With so many different options, it’s nearly impossible for bookmakers to accurately predict all odds correctly. Bookmakers often overlook certain games, and offer odds that may present value to an experienced bettors. TheChampions League odds and bookmaker offerings are similar to most other football betting markets. Understanding them can help maximize profits and long term football betting success. Bookmakers cover a wide variety of outcomes across Champions League football matches. They include outright bets, title winner, futures, props, and top four finishers. The standard odd types are generally provided surrounding markets like Match Result, Asian Handicap, and Goal Total Over/Under all available for each match.

Betting on Qualifying Rounds

Qualifying round bets have a lot of value since there’s usually a big difference in skills between teams. During this time teams are desperately trying to book their ticket to the Champions League group stage. The odds often suggest the vulnerable areas of football bookmakers.

Smaller teams are more likely to beat better teams in the tournament than they are in other leagues. That means this stage of the Champions League is one of the best opportunities for sports bettors to make profit. A lot of the big upsets also happen after the long off period breaks that teams take in the summer.

We have put together this Champions League Qualifying Round Betting Guide to help bettors take advantage of these opportunities. Something to do on this stage is assess whether the team has recently started pre-season. Also check whether they have been playing league campaigns for a number of weeks. The start and end dates for each league vary, and can affect the way teams play in the Champions League.

Group Stage Betting

Champions League group stage is played in the format of double round robins. Every team plays three other opponent both home and away. Three points will be awarded to a team winning a match, one for a draw, and zero for losing. At the end of the group stage the teams who finish in first and second of each group will advance to the knockout stage.

The fun of Champions League betting really begins when the group stage begins and the major teams start establishing why they are consistently at the top of the league. Before betting on this stage of the Champions League it is essential to take into consideration what stage of the campaign is taking place. Often bookmakers will place a single team as the favorite in each of their six matches, but not very often does that team manage to win all six matches during this stage. For example, if a team has a strong start to their Champions League Group stage, automatically booking them a ticket in the knockout stage, they sometimes rest their better players for the remainder of the campaign.

Knockout Stage & Final Betting

The knockout stage format is three rounds of two legged ties, where teams who lose get eliminated. Often played in some of the largest and most prestigious stadiums across Europe, the Champions League final is always one of the most viewed and bet on sporting events in the world.

If you look at past Champions League finals you will be hard pressed to find a large underdog still competing in this phase of the Champions League. Teams who consistently display the best football and have experience in Champions League competition generally find themselves in the later part of the competition year after year. With experience comes better decision making by managing staff  and also players better handling pressure filled matches.

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