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Bet Prediction Algorithm – INVICTUS


If we were asked to think about the future of betting, we would definitely imagine it more transparent and accessible. Punters often dream of a technology that can accurately predict sports outcomes based off a theory called “Wisdom of the Crowd”

We are giving you the chance to join a new betting generation, an advanced technology that combines big data’s power to the wisdom of the top tipsters coming from all around the world and we aim to give you back the perfect freedom of betting with no reticence.

It took numerous months of testing, research and different feedbacks. We listened the opinion of each user, and today we are ready to release a new version of INVICTUS tailor-made for you.

We have taken our artificial intelligence to a whole new level by developing all the features you really need.

  • We have empowered our algorithm and Machine Learning System we track the activities of more than 100,000 successful tipster all over the world.
  • We have made our AI capable of adapting to your needs, reading your tastes, your intentions, to generate bets just as you like.
  • We breach every limit and barriers of the past to always grant you a pleasant betting experience at any time.

We will give you all you need to improve your betting strategy like features as:


We have created a platform that shows hundreds of bets – which has been thought by the best tipsters around the world and analysed by our algorithm – at any time.

A tool which offers the chance to create an unlimited quantity of bets that you can mix as you like with a simple mouse click throughout the day.


We are making your dream of betting every kind of odd come true.  You will be fully independent and the only one who will decide how much to risk.

Would you like to bet on a less likely match to test your talent and that of our top tipsters? Or maybe do you like to bet only on lower odds? Today you can bet as you like in perfect freedom.


Our algorithm is in your hands. We have improved our Machine Learning System and leading it to a higher level and we have developed also our AI’s ability to read your personal tastes to detect only the best bets on market. The algorithm will reply to your enquiry directly. You will ask for your winning bets simply by controlling parameters as Odd per match, Odd per bet, Number of match in a bet.


When you are creating your bet, our algorithm will indicate the degree of accuracy of your bet in real time by using an interface like speedometer and star ratings. You will always count on a consulting service before placing your bet. It will be effective and will calculate the mathematical chance of success of the selected options.


Our AI will provide you a service of comparison that will compare the odds of different bookmaker according to the matches you have chosen and will detect which one offers the best odd on market at that moment to maximise your profit.


We have worked hard to make you free of betting as you like, waging how much you want on every slip and know your potential winning instantly. We will make you free of betting how much you want and whenever you want by lifting a minimum budget to respect and the calculated stakes.


Our algorithm will select the best bets for you made by the top tipsters of the world. An index of reliability will classify them in three different groups: gold, silver and bronze tipsters. The bronze ones enjoy a win rate about 60%, the silver one about 70% and the gold one about 80%. A number next to every icon will tell you how many top tipsters of that category have bet the suggestion selected by our algorithm.


You can consult the stats of all matches that our algorithm has selected for you always being aware of what you are betting on. The result of the last head-to-head clashes, state of physical fitness of the two teams, under/over. We will provide you all the information you need to bet in perfect safety.


You will have free access to your personal area where you can check your bet history, the graphs of your performance and you will always have under control your profits over time. A real personal diary where will be registered all your activities on INVICTUS.

A new way to live your bet is coming. Join the revolution and change the rule of betting forever. We will be online soon.

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