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Bet Types

The over 1.5 is the type of play most used by bettors and like all types of betting Over , consists of predicting the number of goals scored in a certain game. Over indicates the amount of goals, which must be higher than a pre-established value. The value, in our case 1.5, indicates the number of goals scored within the 90 minutes of regulation (the additional ones are not considered). Betting on an event over 1.5 basically means a prediction that the goals scored by the teams involved in a given match will be greater than one (so for example 2,3,4,5 and so on).

We will use our bet advisor and use a practical example to better clarify what over 1.5 means .


If you decide to bet on ‘ Over 1.5 and the match were to end 1 to 0, you would lose the ticket because the sum of goals scored by the two teams would be lower than the established value 1.5.

If instead you decide to bet Over 1.5 on the Napoli-Juventus match, and the match were to end 3-2, in this case your bet would be a winner because the sum of goals scored during the match by the two teams that took the field would be equal to 5, therefore far higher than the pre-established value 1.5.

You can also think that betting on ‘ Over 1.5 on a particular game, it’s a bit’ how to place a winning bet in all cases except in cases where the two teams end the meeting with a 0 to 0 or 1 to 0. Therefore, playing an Over 1.5 means betting on an event in which, the sum of the goals scored, will still exceed 1. Before betting Over 1.5 on an event I suggest you to study the state of form and past performances of the teams, relying on the statistics to see if it is reasonable to make the Over betting right on that sporting event. Clearly the bookmakers will tend to allocate allowances to the ‘ Over 1.5 very low for teams accustomed to score a lot, on the contrary very high for those closed teams that have trouble scoring goals. The good news is that this season the ‘ Over 1.5 is occurring more frequently than in 2015/16. The Bundesliga is confirmed the championship with more Over 1.5 in percentage while, the most marked difference between the two seasons taken into consideration, is taking place in the Premier League.

Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap is a relatively new football betting option in the Italian betting market.

The term was coined in 1990 by a British journalist who was writing articles on the trend of the economy linked to the betting for the British Press.

The Asian handicap, like any handicap bet, is a type of play that tries to balance the technical skills of the two teams, clearly not balanced. In all handicap bets, you bet on the matches that will be played between a disadvantaged team, which is given an initial advantage, and a favored team that is given a very low stake in any other type of bet preventing you from generating profits high. If we were to simply answer the question “what is the Asian handicap?” , We can say that it consists in attributing a disadvantage to a team with higher technical performances, in order to obtain a higher and more attractive quota for the bettor. The bet consists in predicting what the outcome of a match will be, taking into account the handicap set by the bookmakers, that is the advantage equal to one or more goals for the team that is not for the victory.

In handicap betting the favored team suffers a number of goals equal to the advantage to be given to the disadvantaged team and the bettor will be asked to select the team that will prevail on the handicap at the time he places his bet. If you decide to assign handicap -1, you must remove a goal from the team deemed favored. With handicap -2, two goals are subtracted from the team deemed favored and so on.


even the most inexperienced of the bettors will be clear the technical gap between the two teams – dictated by the difference in structures in which the two teams are training, performance and fitness – let alone how clear both bookmakers and sign 1 (ie to the general victory of Juventus) could orientatively attribute a quota of 1.15, not particularly interesting in terms of potential winnings. Playing the cards by betting on low odds results theoretically may seem “safe”, but this adjective mismatches the world of sports betting, since unpredictable variables can always come into play. Let’s take a practical example to better understand:


By providing a handicap -1, Juventus will practically take away one goal and then, playing 1 with handicap, at an indicative odds of 1.60, in order to hit the tip Juventus must win with at least 2 goals, for example 2-0, 3-1, 4-0 etc. playing X with handicap, at an indicative odds of 3.50, in order to hit the tip Juventus must win exactly 1 goal difference, for example 2-1, 3-2 etc.

playing 2 with handicap, at an orientation level of 5.00, to center the prediction, the Carpi must win or draw, practically this type of play is equivalent to a double chance X2. Foreseeing a handicap -2, Juventus will be practically removed two goals and then: playing 1 with handicap, at an indicative odds of 2.60, in order to hit the tip Juventus will have to win with at least 3 goals, for example 3-0, 4-0, 4-1, etc. playing X with handicap, at an indicative odds of 4.00, in order to hit the tip Juventus will have to win exactly 2 goals, for example 3-1, 4-2 etc. playing 2 with handicap, at an indicative odds of 2.20, to hit the odds, the Carpi must win, draw or even lose but with only one goal difference.


To win a bet by playing 1 with an Inter handicap (-1), the favored team – in our case Inter – will have to beat Crotone scoring at least 2 goals.

So if the match ends 1-0, you win the bet, but if it ends 0-0, your bet will be lost.

By betting X with an Inter handicap (-1), you will only win your bet if the game ends with 1 goal difference. While betting 2 with an Inter (-1) handicap, only a draw and a win could allow you to win the card. The same applies to the prediction 2 with a Crotone handicap (+1). The Asian handicap associated with under / over works differently.

Here are two examples:

Over 1 – You win the ticket in case of 2 or more goals made during the match by both teams.

Under 1 – To win the ticket, the match must end 0-0 and if the total number of goals is more than 2, you will lose your bet.

Using Asian handicap bet advisor techniques provides the possibility of eliminating the draw between the possible results, an option that is not seen by bettors who prefer well-defined results. In addition, bookmakers offer the possibility of being reimbursed if, at the time of the bet, you are not sure to bet with handicap. The compromise with the bookmakers is simple: if you accept the refund and win, you win less but if you lose, you will be reimbursed and minimize the risk of losing your budget.


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