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Best football betting strategy


Football betting can be complicated but through this article, we will simplify the different betting strategies.

There are many different strategies that take into account promotions that different bookmakers promote, but you can also take advantage of different betting techniques that will increase your odds. Through this article, we will explore this.

Football Accumulator Promotions

Accumulators are a very popular way to place bets and earn money. Accumulators are in the simplest form a string of bets that allow for odds to be multiplied. With the multiplication of odds leads to higher rewards. This is a risky strategy and often times doesn’t work due to every game in the accumulator having to be right. Thus this isn’t a betting strategy that would earn money in the long run. There is a way to take advantage of accumulator bets. This is through promotions that different betting sites offer. The promotions are often will often give you your stake back if the bet is lost.

betting strategyFootball Matched Betting

This is one of the simplest betting strategies to place. A matched bet is in basic terms the bookmaker matching your initial stake. You can often time find this through many bookmakers when you first sign up. This is why it is important to use multiple bookmakers and sportsbooks.

Due to this type of offer, it is possible to place a back and lay bet to guarantee a profit.

Here is an example of how this betting strategy works.

Say you place a 10 Euro backing bet on Manchester City to beat Napoli. You also place a lay bet on Manchester City. This allows you to cover all the outcomes of the match. This is when the betting promotion kicks in. With the betting promotion, you are able to make a profit. In the end, your promotion would cause both situations of the back and lay bet to make you profit.

Taking advantage of spiked odds

A popular promotion that is seen is spiked odds on different outcomes such as first goal scorer, winner, and many other outcomes. This a way to earn a good amount of money by conducting a usual bet. There are ways to make guaranteed money off of taking advantage of spiked odds. To do this extensive research into bookmaker’s promotions is needed. To do this you need to find another bookmakers site with spiked odds of the opposite outcome which will allow you to earn a profit no matter the outcome.

Football Refund Offers

Football refund offers are another type of promotion that promotes value. This is a great promotion to use on bets with value. Different bookmakers provide refunds with different odds, but a very common one is when both teams fail to score a goal. This leads to an ending score of nil to nil. This is one of the most common promotions that bookmakers promote. To take advantage of this it is important to find odds that low that allows for an opportunity for you to win.

This principle can be used to all refund promotions. The first step is to find odds that are solid options to back and making a lay bet first. After that finding a lay price for the outcome that can be refunded.

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Here are some Betting Strategies that can Increase your chances to Win

Double Chance

A double chance is a bet that you place on two out of three outcomes of a game. This type of bet decreases your risk because it is allowing two out of the three outcomes to be in your favor.

Bets on Halftime/Fulltime results

This type of betting strategy is riskier, you bet on both the halftime and fulltime result. This means you only win the bet if both your bets for half and fulltime are correct. The reason for the popularity of this betting strategy is the high odds.


Handicap bets are used when the favorite is projected to win. The advantage of handicap bettings is that it gives a higher chance to win the bet, but it will decrease your odds if you just backed the team. Handicap gives you an advantage by allowing the underdog to not actually win the game, but you will win the bet. Ex. You bet on a draw but with a handicap of -1. If the favorite wins the game 1-0, you will still win the bet because of the handicap. The handicap of -1 makes it 0-0 thus its a draw.

These are some common betting strategies that will hopefully help you.

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