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How to win like betting experts


Finding safe bets or knowing the result of a sports match before placing the bet is the dream of all betting experts. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it…

If you are familiar with online sports betting then you surely have heard of Sure Bet. It’s famous for safe bets whose combinations lead to guaranteed winnings. If you are looking for surebets on tennis, football, or motor sports then you have come to the right place.

Just like many of the other places that promise guaranteed income, Sure Bet provides false promises. Their information doesn’t have the statistical backing like INVICTUS’.

There is no certainty in the betting world, and often even the most reliable sports predictions fail. Many inexperienced bettors lose their bankroll from listening to false promises.

The good news is that we can provide several methods to guarantee you continuous gains and constant long term profits. You can minimize the risk of losing your capital, without having to resort to hypothetical safe bets.

Winning a bet slip is never a question of mere luck. Based on the success of others, there is always a constant application of techniques that increases your chances of winning.

Overcoming the most common mistakes of beginners the best place to start.


1. Do not just follow your instincts

Often the inexperienced bettor wagers exclusively on impressions, on the alleged “sixth sense”. They don’t even study the past events of who they are betting on.

Novice bettors also can be guided by instinct, leaving emotions to take the upper hand.

However betting experts never gets caught up in anxiety or hurry. They place their bets by researching and analyzing the status of the two teams that are about to compete.

Their predictions are not always correct. However, they are based off of careful analysis, and give the better a greater advantage to win.

2. Bankroll Management

It is very important to learn how to manage your budget correctly and decide how much to invest on individual bets.

To understand how much to bet on a sporting event, it is necessary to know how to calculate the probability of an event happening.

To win bets it is important to invest a low percentage of your bankroll, no more than 5% for two or three events at most.

The more matches bet on in a parlay, the more you will exponentially increase the statistics of failure.

The trick is to play few events at low odds. If you run into losing cards, you would still win by keeping your profit active.

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3. Analyse Odds

Always pay attention to the odds. Before playing your cards, try to understand how the values ​​are established by the bookmakers. You should also always keep in mind that their goal is to mislead you.

In general, the odds offered by bookmakers are more a reflection of what people believe, rather than the real probability that those result will take place.

To ensure victory, it is necessary to determine how the odds vary over time, based on how the bettors are placing their bets.

It is important to be patient and use math to try and win a ticket like, most other betting experts.

Sometimes it is possible to bet on a sporting event and have the mathematical certainty to win.

Do not be afraid, you don’t have to make any particular calculation, just use the calculator on your smartphone and do this very simple calculation: 1 / share x 100.


If in the Inter-Bologna match the home team’s victory is quoted at 1.60. It means that according to the bookmaker the probability of Inter winning is equal to 62.5% (ie 1 / 1.6 = 0.625 x 100) .

Choose any football match and add the odds of the three main events 1 (Inter), X (draw), and 2 (Bologna).

You will almost certainly get a percentage above 100.

The higher value compared to 100 represents the profit margin of the bookmaker.

From here it is easy to guess that the game is for the benefit of the bookmaker, and that even if you bet with three singles on all three events, you will always lose.

However, no one forbids us to bet on the three results through the odds of three different bookmakers.

In fact, referring back to the Inter – Bologna match, you can bet on (1) Inter to win with a 1.60 odds at William Hill, on the odds of 4.20 from Betclic, and on the victory of (2) Bologna listed 8 by Paddy Power.

Here is the picture of the probabilities you will get:

Vittoria Inter = 62.5% (share 1.6 – William Hill)

Draw = 23.81% (odds 23.81 – Betclic)

Vittoria Bologna = 12.5% ​​(share 8 – Peddy Power)

By summing the probabilities of the three events, you will get a number below 100, that is 98.81%.

This means that our payout is mathematically certain.

We do two calculations:

  1. Sign 1: 625 euros x 1.6 = 1000 euros

    2. Sign X: 238.10 euros x 4.2 = 1000 euros

    3. Sign 2: 125 euros x 8 = 1000 euros

As you can see, compared to 988.1 euros spent (625 + 238.10 + 125), you will earn 1000 in any case. In this case, the payout is only € 11.90, and is obviously proportionate to the budget invested on the three signs.

As we have already stated, going to the cash desk is not a simple matter of luck, but it can be a rational landing.

Mathematics and patience. In addition to detailed studying of statistics, there are winning tools that guarantee a constant positive profit in the long run, and play low risk cards. You can start winning like betting experts, and avoid all of the hassle and studying, by  subscribing to INVICTUS.

Try INVICTUS for free and improve your profits with our progression betting systems!

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