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Arbitrage sports betting


Invictus Sports Betting Algorithm

With INVICTUS you can launch our algorithm and choose between hundreds of bet predictions. We have an unlimited stream of bets everyday. We also continuously update our software, which is suitable for all types of devices. Invictus will show you what more than 100,000 successful tipsters are betting on all around the world. Our algorithm is revolutionary. It can analyze your gambling habits and suggest bets accordingly. All the power of science is in your hand to instantly create profitable bets. We also have information on all different kinds of betting strategies. In this article we will focus on Arbitrage betting.

arbitrage betting

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage sports betting strategies have one of the highest success rates amongst all other strategies. This method consists of multiple bets placed simultaneously on all possible outcomes of an event. They are placed at odds that guarantee profit regardless of the result of the event. These bets are also referred to as surebets, miraclebets, surewins, or simply arbs. Arbitrage betting is a system that allows a customer to place multiple bets on different bookmakers to guarantee a profit. This is possible when there are differences on the odds of an event. Usually this is a win or lose bet.

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An example would be a tennis match where two results are possible between player 1 and player 2. “Arbing” opportunities usually happen when bookmakers have different opinions about an event. This could because of a mistake made when calculating data. Since this untraditional method relies on mathematical procedures it’s a very unique method. Most bettors who use this strategy admit to having very little interest in the sports they are betting on.

Arbitrage betting: legalities

Arbitrage betting is completely legal, but bookmakers don’t like it. This is because they can lose a lot of money if you are successful. The issue bookmakers face is properly identifying whether a customer is using arbitrage strategies or not. It can be more difficult to find out than it sounds. If you use this method don’t be surprised if your account gets restricted or closed without warning. Bookmakers will notice consistent winners, and closely monitor activity and patterns to identify arbitrage bettors. Some bookmakers claim they don’t restrict people who arbitrage bet, but usually bookmakers restrict anyone trying to take advantage of them.

Arbitrage betting software

Since so much math is needed for arbitrage betting, most bettors use some type of software to help them. This allows users to enter both sets of odds and the amount they plan on risking. The software will then give the preferred stake and the potential profit identifying the best opportunities for success. Most of these software systems expose thousands of markets everyday, and rate opportunities to save users time.


When pricing a market, bookmakers will almost always factor in an edge where the total odds of all outcomes is more than 100%. Arbitrage systems rely on the combined odds from the difference of opinion between bookmakers, producing a negative margin (less than 100%) putting the edge back in the hands of the customer.

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