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Tennis betting guide


Introduction to tennis betting

One of the fastest paced sports in the world is tennis. Learning how to bet on it successfully very challenging for anyone new to this form of sports betting. Bettors must understand the deciding factors for each match such as the rules, style of play, and change in surface. All of these variables make tennis betting one of the most interesting and challenging things to bet on. Tennis bettors need to understand which conditions certain players prefer and where they tend to play the best.

tennis bettingOverview

A sport that can be played as singles (one player on either side of the net), doubles (two players on either side of the net), and mixed doubles (one man and one women on either side of the net). The goal is for either player forcing the opponent to hit the ball out of bounds or into the net. A game is won by scoring four points or at least two more than the opponent, and a set consists of six games. An entire match will be determined by the best of three or five sets.  Men play a maximum of five sets in Grand Slam Tournaments with all other tournaments. On the other hand, women play by a best of three standard.

Different Skills and Specialties

In tennis, each player alternately serves the ball in the opposite quadrant across the net to their opponent. A game won by the player who is serving is considering “defending” while a game won by the player receiving is considering a “break.”

When betting on tennis it is important to account for all factors within each match. Much like golf, players are constantly having to adapt to altered terrains. This exposes certain strengths and weakness attributed to each players success rates. Red earth, grass, cement, and synthetic grass are the four surfaces that players face during competition in professional tennis matches. The surface affects how the ball reacts and the speed of play. These are some of the main reasons certain players tend to play better or worse on different surfaces.

Much like golf, tennis players are left or right handed and have different strengths, qualities, and tendencies within their game. These attributes all determine how each player will react to a match considering the surface and their opponent. Experienced bettors will take all these variables into account, and place a bet based upon past results and player qualities. Some examples of these player qualities are strong servers, defensive players, net players, or complete players. All strengths and weaknesses based off past matches should be taken into account when creating a prediction for upcoming competitions.

10 Rules to Follow When Betting on Tennis

Like most sports, betting on tennis requires carefully articulated strategy based on a combination of scientific theory and traditional discipline.

#1 Shopping for Value

This is a rule that should be followed for any bet placed regardless of sport. Bettors should only bet based off value, and your strategy should be based around only wagering on value bets. Finding value in a lucrative market is one of the toughest aspects of sports betting. It’s what separates experienced/successful bettors and in-experienced/un-successful bettors.

#2 Specific Strategies

Tennis is a year round sport with a heavy schedule of tournaments and matches your can bet on. From womens to mens circuits, it is important to stick to a specific tour in order to profit the most. With the endless tournament availability it’s important for anyone to analyze each event effectively. Successful tennis bettors often focus on either the Challenger Circuit or Grand Slams. Some will even go a step further and only bet on either male or female events. Likewise, focus on tennis bet types and markets that you are familiar with and comfortable wagering on. For example, some bettors will focus on perfecting tennis handicapping while others focus on set and game totals.

#3 Using Multiple Bookmakers

This is another rule that goes for almost every sport in any market. Successful sports bettors will open option by browsing odds on several different bookmakers to find the best price. Each bookmaker is subject to evaluating their own odds. This creates for bettors to identify variables that might offer profitable arbitrage strategies or better opportunities. We certainly don’t recommend having accounts at 12 different bookmakers. Limiting yourself to only one or two could diminish any chance of long term profits though.

#4 Record your Bets

It’s always a good idea to keep track of the bets you have placed so that you can manage your money. Some bookmakers or services automatically offer history logs. When using different bookmakers it is helpful to centrally manage the records on your own  though. This will also help you conduct regular reviews to determine overall performance. From there you can decide whether you need to adjust any part of your tennis betting strategy. Your record should include the date the bet was placed, tournament name, bet type, bookmaker, your take, the odds, profit/loss, and a place for comments for future reference on similar events.

#5 Identify Suspect Seeds

When looking back on Grand Slam pre-tournament favorites it’s evident that bookmakers have done a very good job at accurately evaluating both womens and mens futures. With this being said, if you want to back the favorites it’s best to do so as early as possible. This helps you get reasonably valued odds. As well as favorites have performed in major tournaments, it is still very common for experienced bettors to identify which matches will be more evenly matched based on strengths of competitors and the difficulties of surface.

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#6 Comprehend Serving & Returning

“Live betting” is one of the other popular types of bet that people like to take advantage of in tennis. Often bettors will be watching or streaming the event and bet on props such as who will win the next point, who will double fault next, winner of the next set, etc. If knowledgeable in tennis these props can offer great value. Assuming you have the time to watch the event thoroughly you can have an advantage over the bookmaker. you can get a better understanding of how a player is playing in that exact moment.

Fans of tennis will know that most matches will follow a traditional back and forth pattern. This can change if the favorite is heavily lopsided and his attributes are designed to specifically counteract his opponent. Most of the time this can be found in poor return rates against a strong server. Tennis players are very particular as to who they are facing and where they are playing. This is very similar to professional sports bettors because they do plenty of pre-match research to gain insight. They want to establish what type of player they’re betting on and looking for any vulnerabilities in the various bookmakers.

Understand how important serving is can also give you a huge advantage when tennis betting. The serve in tennis can be compared to a tee shot in golf, a penalty kick in football, or a place kick in rugby. These are instances are the only time when the intermediate outcome is in the hands of one person.

#7 Varied Playing Styles

Whether they’re left or right handed each tennis player has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to the easily accessible word wide web and streaming applications such as Youtube, there are multiple ways to find footage of pretty much any tennis player on tour, male or female. Take into account players service game and return abilities in order to quickly assess their strengths. Analyzing player’s game tendencies can be a very useful tool when trying to predict match outcomes with unfamiliar players.

#8 Past Results

Most of the available odds on tennis will involve either the ATP or WTA Tours. It’s important to browse through their websites and check out head-to-heads between players you intend to bet on. If they have played each other in the past, you can see detailed results and score lines of the match. Like all the rules we are listing, this is another very useful tool. Especially if you are unfamiliar with certain players, or want to better understand their playing style.

#9 Surface History

In tennis, it’s vital to always take into account the players past records on the certain surfaces. Top players like Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal can win on any surface, hard, clay, or grass. On the other hand, some players are very particular and play significantly better depending on the surface. For example, Andy Murray seemed to favor clay courts, but more recently has played better on red-dirt. This helped him have great success in the Australian Open. In the women’s game, well known players like Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki, Ana Ivanovic, and Garbine Muguruza have adapted to all surfaces making it harder for bettors to use this as an indicator for wagers. These players aside are very unique. Most professional tennis players men or women have a preference in the surface they’re playing on.

Hard-court events will be played both indoors and outdoors, while clay court and grass court events are always played outdoors. Some players have troubles adjusting to the outdoor environments. Therefore, they have a more difficult time winning outdoor events. Some players find it difficult outdoors being exposed to elements such as; wind, rain, heat, sunlight, etc. Players like Rafael Nadal used these conditions to their advantage, and play well in harsh conditions. He exposes competitors who have trouble dealing with the elements. Only one of Rafa’s 67 titles was on indoor courts.

Betting on sets

You can also bet on the final score in sets, similar to betting on the halftime score in football. The bettor assess whether a player is a strong starter or finisher. From there they proceed to predict the number of sets each player will win. Tennis bettors can find great value in these types of bets. Especially in cases where one player is a short priced favorite, but is know for starting slow.

Betting on matches

One of the common types of tennis betting is wagering on who will win a particular match during a tournament. Much like racing and fighting events, you don’t have to worry about there being a draw.

Before placing a bet on the outright winner of a match there are few things you should consider. First, know the current status of the participating players, and how they’ve been performing leading up to the event. Likewise, it’s essential to evaluate the results and stats of past matches between the two competitors. Players might be seeded lower than their opponent, but may cause trouble to opponents with different playing styles or preferences. Understanding these aspects to each match can help you find great value bets particularly in set and game handicap betting.  

Like every tennis match it’s important to consider the surface and possible conditions.

With draws not being an option in tennis betting, bookmakers generally set odds on the favorite relatively low. Some bettors take advantage of this by accumulating (parlay) bets in attempt to accumulate profits. This strategy has a higher success rate in tennis compared to other sports, but is still considered very risky. This is because you are essentially compounding negative value if unsuccessful.

Betting on tournament winner

This type of betting is also considered “future betting”, because you are predicting who will win the entire tournament. Usually bookmakers will offer one third of the odds you bet on if your favorite finishes in second. When placing a bet on the outright winner it’s important to understand how the bracket for each tournament is set. Tournament officials use a draw to determine which players will compete against one another throughout the tournament. Therefore, bettors should consider the competitors their favorite may face if they were to win the tournament. A deep run in any tournament can be decided entirely by the initial draw. A great player may find themselves having to face better competitors. On the other hand, a less talented player might have an easier road to the championship game.

5 Tennis betting tips

One of the most effective ways of betting on Tennis is by using Invictus’ one of a kind algorithm. A tremendous tool aggregating all the greatest tipsters advice in the world and accumulating high win rate odds. Following Invictus Tips will prove to be a great way of building your betting bankroll. More importantly, it allows you to know what the top tipsters are betting on throughout the world. We always suggest bettors to do their research, but the Invictus algorithm will increase profits and optimize your current strategies. Limited forms of long term profitable gambling exist, and this is what makes tennis betting such a unique opportunity. If done correctly there are multiple strategies you can follow to increase your chance at becoming a profitable tennis bettor.

While most forms of gambling are limited to the card games, slot machines, and casinos games, the world of tennis betting provides an added bonus of entertainment where fans can watch the games they have bet on. It’s fair to say that watching a game with money on the line adds an excitement to the event. Below we cover some strategies that will help your bankroll and give you an advantage over casual tennis bettors.

  • Focus on one player or league

On any given day, you’ll discover many wagering lines over various games in different tennis matches and tournaments. With so many assortments, beginners can easily get sucked into making numerous bets on various players. This is fine if you’re a casual bettor who has a major bankroll with no intentions of long term profits. Be that as it may, it doesn’t give you a genuine opportunity to make an educated wager. If you’re trying to bet regularly we suggest you stick to one player or competition or even one team. This will allow you to gather more information on the competition or player. It will also reduce the time you spend on inquiring about every matchup with odds.

  • Disregard the dublic

This strategy takes very little research, and is quite simple to implement. All you have to do is bet against what the majority of public is betting on. This method assumes bookmakers have shaded the line in order to better reflect what they think the public will do. After all, tennis bookmakers primary objective is to set lines that draw 50/50 action, not predict game outcomes. Betting against the public will help gain an edge on the soft lines provided by tennis bookmakers. If you don’t spend a lot of time researching games and analyzing statistics this is a great strategy to use. You will need to be able to identify big market teams, perennial winners, clubs with diehard fans, and popular superstars in order to implement prosperously.

  • Only bet 1-2% of your bankroll

Casual tennis bettors are known for staking large portions of their bankrolls on singular bets hoping for a grand return. On the contrary, if you want to see long term success in tennis betting, there is a popular strategy you can use. You can wager 1-2% of your bankroll on each predicted outcome, which lowers the risk of dramatic loses. Tennis betting is notorious for streaky activity, and even the most experienced bettors go through lengthy losing streaks. Limiting the amount of each bet, and sticking to a pre-defined strategy, will create a higher chance of long-term profiting.

  • Use Invictus to gain advantage on bookmakers

Launch the algorithm and decide what to bet among hundreds of options available. Invictus has an unlimited stream of bets that is continuously updating. You can use any type of device, and see what more than 100,000 successful tipsters are currently betting on. Our algorithm is revolutionary. It can analyze your gambling habits and suggest bets accordingly. All the power of science is in your hand, to instantly create profitable bets in line with your past tendencies.

  • Bet based on past records

Twenty years ago, stats were not as in depth, accurate, or readily available as they are in 2018. With everything that’s available on the internet today, it’s almost impossible to properly assess all the information on different sports. Being able to identify relevant data and filtering out the rubbish has become a talent among successful tennis bettors. Today everyone aspires to be a stats geek. It’s no secret that some of the recorded stats are irrelevant to evaluating outcomes. Therefore, it’s important to understand which informations will impact your bets the most. Here are some examples of some of the more important stats to refer to when predicting games.

  • Goals Scored
  • Goals Allowed
  • Shots on Goal
  • Possession %

Hardly any experienced tennis bettor would advise someone to blindly place a bet without doing a little bit of research. Proper analyses should help you determine valuable bets from invaluable bets, and the most profitable place to wager your money. Simply picking a team based off their name or reputation will decrease your chances in landing a winning bet. This is why stats are important when aspiring for a positive ROI.

Money management  

There are two of the major factors to becoming a successful long term tennis bettor. First, is being able to recognize value in a given market. Second, is how to manage your betting bankroll. The name of the game is minimizing risk in order to attain profitable success. Being able to recognize value in markets comes with experience, research, or some type of statistical model assessing probability. The next step is to decide how much to invest, while still limiting risk. Below we will go over some of the more popular forms of money management in hope to protect your bankroll.

Regardless of your experience level as a sports bettor, this article should familiarize you with some of the most popular betting bankroll management strategies. You will have a better understanding of the fundamentals behind successfully managing a profitable tennis betting portfolio. Maybe even increasing your chances of becoming part of the small percentage of sports gamblers with long term profits.  

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