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1X2 Betting


1X2 Betting explained

1X2 betting is also referred to as three-way betting. It gives bettors the option to lay a home win, draw, or away win. This method of betting is very popular on football and other sport where there is a possibility of a draw. To easily explain the formatting, the (1) refers to the home team winning, the (X) refers to the draw, and the (2) resembles odds for the away team to win. Throughout this article we will go more in depth about 1X2 betting, and how to find value in these bets.

1x2 betting

Minus the bookmaker’s exchange commission this betting aims to reflect the true odds of every possible outcome in a match. Unlike Asian Handicap betting or totals betting, 1X2 betting doesn’t try and manipulate the perceived quality between the teams through evening out the difference by the provided odds.

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We will use a match being played in Madrid where Real Madrid is facing Liverpool for our example.

The odds provided by LeoVegas were:

1 X 2
1.98 2.33 2.89

You appreciated the odds offered for Liverpool and chose to place a $100 bet on the Red Devils. In the case of the bet winning, you would receive a payout of $289 minus the bookmakers exchange fee. Accumulating a profit of $189.

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